My first backblast in many moons. If you are reading this you, like me, should probably be working instead.

YHC has been concerned about the numbers we have been getting at the non-running workouts. Dice did a great job to start and help perpetuate these workouts. We have a solid but small core group that remain faithful. I know personally that I may not have continued to post if these options were not available. Bottom line is they serve a purpose for those who can’t, (won’t) or are recovering, before they can run again.

So, just when I least expect it, a FNG! Only my 2nd Q with a FNG. Thanks to Dutch Boy and Q-tip for encouraging him to post. Welcome Annie Oakley!

Bottom line, please sign up to Q a non-running or put one in your workout rotation from time to time. Also, it is definitely a great place for a FNG. Remember, what Dice says, “no run, some fun!”.

To my best recollection:

Warm up:

SSH x 20
GM x 20
leg over leg stretch – Q count
Imperial Walker x 20
Prisoner Squat x 20
Butterfly stretch – Q count
Plank Calf Stretch – Q count
Mountain Climber x 20
Windmills x 20

Bear crawl down the ramp off the stage, plank at bottom
There followed a series of Irkins, Imperial Walkers, King David Kicks, LBCs as we walked to the fountain at WOB

Classic 5 interrupted:

Irkins, Dips, Left-Right step ups. Derkins, and Elevated Crunches x 10, x 12

Cap Trust Stairs, for brisk climb with SSH at each landing ( Q was overly ambitous about the # of reps)

Back down stairs for unexpected convergence with UJ, Plank – Low Plank

Back to fountain to continue classic 5:

Irkins, Dips, Left-Right step ups. Derkins, and Elevated Crunches x 14, x 16

Mosey back toward start with same strategy as above, added Nipplers, peoples chair and BTW. Finish with Nipplers, Homer to Marge and LBC



Welcome to Q-tip and Dutch Boy and their FNG, Annie Oakley, much better than Assmodium (sounds like antidiarrheal)

Continued prayers for our family, its been almost a year and a half since we lost our precious Mary Catherine, in some ways and on some days it is really difficult. Thanks to the Pax of F3 for all of your support and prayers.

Red Dog took us out