Another great day to visit the park at Disney as many of us were reaching to keep the momentum from a strong week with some back-to-back burnouts on the shoulders. I have been trying to keep exploring the park more and more to honor the true spirit of this AO, always maintaining great workouts but having some fun with the many diverse spots for beatdowns. Today we went with a longer w/u jog then hit a few spots for some lanes of pain, including my first ever venture to one of the dark practice fields.

Departed at 0530 from starting lot on the jog making our way across the big lot and the far small lot with stops along the way for some SSH, Fazio Arms, a little Happy Feet, and some leg stretches.

In small staff lot we lined up and did a sprint to end of lane, 12 squats, jog back and plank hold for the six and a 10 count. Repeated for several sets, mixed it up a bit.

On the jog to the big lot we set up for Build a Bears. Lined up and 1st man did bear crawl outline of parking space, then 5 merkins, step over next spot and repeat. PAX started in SSH and each man started the parking spaces as the man ahead finished first set or merkins.  Each man did a total of 5 parking spaces to get to the other side and started SSH to wait for the six.

On the jog to the lower lot we went up to the practice field, partnered up, and did wheelbarrows with each man doing half distance of field, then lunge to far end, then repeat to return with other man down on the hands.

We worked in a set of 10 burpees OYO followed by more SSH and some merkins.

On the jog with some hustle we headed back to the start and circled up.

MARY was a brutal plank-o-rama.

Countoff was 13 #HIM

Announcements and Prayer requests – more reflection on the Healing Transitions event from earlier this week, let’s keep The Natural in our prayers as he has praise while also dealing with family health issues, others and unspoken

YHC took us out in prayer

EC was Deadbolt and Mookie, at first, and they turned back to the start to wait for Nemo before heading out and having Mookie pull us along at a strong pace.

Everyone have a great end to your week.  Been great seeing so many stay dedicated to the 1st F.