There is a self-preserving, self-centered, and weak-willed weasel that lives in all of us and today we celebrated the fact that by posting we were making one more twist of the knife in our lifelong effort to kill that weasel. This morning’s workout featured 5 toasts to the Death of the Weasel. There were small paper cups (1/4 filled) with grape juice pre-staged at each of the five spots where we would exercise and at each spot a short thought on the weasel was given and then we toasted “Death to the Weasel!” before downing the juice.

We started in downward dog to accommodate late arrivals and then ran from the parking lot to the stone benches for our first toast.

Excuses Weasel: The successful HIM takes responsibility for the outcome of all of his decisions and does not hide behind excuses. Every morning there are a myriad of reasons not to post and not to give the workout your full self. The challenge is to overcome those excuses and make a better you. Death to the Weasel!

  • Block Hops x 25
  • Dips x 25
  • Left Right Step Up x 25
  • Erkins x 25
  • Run to playground

Fear Weasel: No matter how courageous you are, there is probably some situation, person, or thing in your life that you are not confronting. I am fascinated by the idea of “asymmetrical courage” as I have seen strong, brave men refuse to deal with certain people or situations in their life because of fear. I have certainly done it myself. Here’s to overcoming fear in our lives, confronting what we need to, and living courageously. Death to the Weasel!

  • 100 total reps OYO
  • Burpees x 33
  • Merkins over the tires x 33
  • Prayer Squats x 33
  • +1 extra of any of the above to make 100, early finishers do WWII’s
  • Run to Hill

Comparison Weasel: It is so easy to compare ourselves to those around us. We compare what we have, what we can do, how we look, how we act, life and family circumstances, etc… Comparison is the thief of joy. Death to the Weasel!

  • Mahktar N’Diayes x 10
  • Run Downhill
  • Chilly Jacks x 10
  • Run Uphill
  • Repeat for a total of 5 sets, early finishers do WWII
  • Run to Entrance Road

Self-Pity Weasel: Self-pity is a disordered prioritization or exaltation of yourself over all others. Everyone is going through something, and when we wallow in self-pity we are not acknowledging the suffering of those around us. Death to the Weasel!

  • Freddy Mercury (double count) x 10
  • Run 30 yds
  • Mountain Climber (double count) x 10
  • Slap one of the ten diamond shaped warning signs at the end of the road and move 1 to the right. Repeat 10 times
  • Run to soccer field

Lust Weasel: No matter what you have done to protect yourself from the ravages of pornography there will always be an endless stream of women wearing tight shirts, short skirts, halter tops, and yoga pants that you encounter on a daily basis. I do not have the will power to resist ogling them for the rest of my life but I do have the will to choose an alternate and better version of myself. When I am driving and I pass a female jogger bouncing attractively in tight clothing I have the option to ogle or to look away. It is in these moments that I ask myself, “What kind of man do you want to be?” Death to the Weasel!

  • Bear Crawl the length of the Soccer Field (no substitutions)
  • Cinder Block Swings x 10

Hearing the amount of positive affirmation and guys encouraging one another on the long bear crawl was incredible. So neat to hear all of the final crawlers willed across the finish line by those who had already completed the crawl. We are all in this together!

*Much to VHS’s disappointment, no actual weasels were killed during this workout