With a co-Q planned for Possum Trot between M4L & myself I knew we’d all be in for some serious work to get our Hump day started off on the right foot! Had no idea we would both have planned more upper body work than one would desire at such an early morning hour in the gloom. Oh well, here we went, ready or not! Nemo was  out and about for some EC when I pulled in but Deadbolt was no where to be found!

Warm up:

Jog down to concession stand for some Good Mornings, Windmills, Fozio AC, SSH, & Hillbillies IC x 11. Had no idea why I wanted to stick to a theme of 11 but decided to carry on with it. After warm ups I turned over the Q to M4L.

The Thang:

Followed M4L on back up to main parking lot to line up at one end for a series of exercises that commenced at the line followed by a run to mid parking lot to resume exercise and then onward to opposite end to continue exercise, back to middle of parking lot and then to back to start and hold plank for the six. Exercises at each stop were in succession beginning with 5 x burpees, 10 x diamond merkins, 15 x deep squats, followed by 20 x hand release merkins which nearly took me out altogether by this point! 60 hand release merkins should be banned!! M4L then took onto the tennis courts to one end to form line and crab walk with legs crossed to opposite side of 1st court, crawl bear back. Inch worm merkins to end of 2nd court and mosey back, can’t recall last exercise to end of 3rd court and then mosey on back to where we held BTW for a 20 count. At this point M4L turned the Q back over to YHC who had a pickup truck load of cinder blocks at the ready. Each PAX took one and proceed to John Cousac it back to the start line at the sideline of the 1st court and line back up. Continuing our theme of 11’s we each held block overhead to opposite sideline of 1st – 4th court lines and stopped at each line for a series of exercises consisting of mountain climbers, rut rows, curls, box jumps, flutter kicks with block held above head, one hand on block merkins then switch hands, squat jumps, star jumps, and plank jacks x 11. BTW were held 2nd time down for a 22 count recover. Overhead pressing blocks back to start line followed by curls for the girls back to pick up to return cinder blocks.


Short & sweet for LBC x 33


YHC & M4L shared about last nights dinner and tour at Healing Transitions and we can all become involved in this ministry. YHC shared about how God used the message last night to convict me about being too judgmental of others after reading from Matthew 7: 1-5 – please look that scripture up and may it speak directly to you if needed. My prayer is that I love others the way Jesus loves others. Announcement of F3 Dads camp coming up.

Beater took us out in prayer.