Emeril, 187, Buford, Kid Cracker, Deadbolt, Moby, Peak Weak, Blue Hen, Brony, Dog Pound, Breach, Lucky Charm

EC:  Emeril, 187, Deadbolt, Dog Pound

Vests: 187

HC Fartsacks:  CHiPS

Excuse lexicon addition: I reset my alarm last week for my PT test and didn’t even look at it last night when I turned it on.  I was up, just an hour late.

Warm Up:

½ Mile Jog

½ Mile Jog – x15 Cotton Pickers, x25 SSH, x10 Imperial Walkers + x10 Hillbillies,  x20 Fazio Arm Circles, x30 Dips

The Workout

Partner Meet Up

Partner up. 1 Partner run in one direction the other partner run in the other and once you meet x25 reps of exercise of your choice.  We did 4 rounds of this.

Tennis Courts  

11’s –  Balls to the wall on one end, Squats on the other


X25 – LBC’x

Total running ~3+ miles

F3 Dad’s still has openings.
Cinco de CSAUP
Prayers:  Crablegs, Crackers Wife, Lakisha