Last week I messaged Stretch to let him know I would be in Garner and we needed to get together to run. He agreed it was a must and threw out that he ought to have me guest Q on Wednesday. I am never one to turn down a great opportunity, so I jumped on the idea and said I would be happy to Q. This meant I would need to do a little recon work on Tuesday, because although I have run the area many times, I have never done so with my eye on areas of opportunity for a good beat down. Lucky for the PAX during my run on Tuesday I found just such an area in White Deer Park.

The warm-up:

When 5:30 hit we ran at an easy pace from the shovel flag to White Deer Park.

The Thang:

We started with catch-me-if-you-can around the field at the entrance to the park – 5 merkins/running backwards.

Mosey down the big hill behind the park (where my 8 year old crashed his bike the day before).

11s up and down a grassy clearing – squats at the top/lunges at the bottom

Run back up the hill behind the parks (never take the easy way out), and mosey to the shovel flag – with a jail-break called by Stretch.

In the Church parking lot we did a little speed work using the parking lot lines as our guide.

Rapid Fire Mary for 5 minutes at the end.

Ball of Man



Stretch is a great guy. F3 Wake has been lucky to have him for the past few months. He is missed greatly and talked about often in F3 ENC. My family had the opportunity to go see the house he has been working on during his time in Garner. It’s a great house and the land they have is amazing. I know you guys will miss him when he leaves you in the near future as well, but we can be thankful that we had the opportunity to get to know him and workout with him while he lived nearby. I am certain we are all better for it.