I’m not sure what’s going on this week, but the Pax is struggling! It was looking like a repeat of a 2 Pax until the last minute when a couple others joined us. The weather was perfect, and the pavement was inviting.


Warm Up:

3 laps in the parking lot

(1 mozy, 1 Indian Run, 1 Weaving Indian Run)

Various Agility Ladder work

SSH x 20 (IC)

Fly SSH x 20 (IC)

Fozio Arm Circles x 10 (IC), Reverse x 10 (IC)


The Thang:

Curb Crawls:

Bear Crawl between curbs performing ascending Derkins at each side, from 1-10


Curb Crabs:

Crab Walk between curbs with Tricep Dips at each side


After upper body was thoroughly burnt out, we adopted a rock and mozied back for some leg work


Lieutenant Dans:

Deadlift, Squat, Lunge, Lunge x 10 and take a lap when completed

Rinse and Repeat x 2



Around the horn:

Laker’s pick – Flutter Kicks x 25 (IC) with varying pace – OUCH

Mongoose’s pick – Freddie Mercurys x 25 (IC)

Stovepipe’s pick – WWIIs x 10

YHC’s pick – Super Scissors x 25 (IC) – Hold Superman and the count is scissoring your feet


Prayer Requests:

Recovery for the Pax – Lab Rat, Matador, Bloodsport, Stovepipe – all recovering from various injuries and/or operations

Village’s Mom who is undergoing chemo

Mongoose’s school and their search for a building


Great work, gentlemen!