With a slightly cooler morning and a couple of our regular men getting ready to run the BRR it seemed that some hill work was in order. 15 PAX woke up and decided that they would get stronger today so we headed to the biggest hill we could find.

Stretch 10 count each leg
Sobriety Arm Circles 10x each way
Mountain climbers x20 (a preview)
Imperial Walker x10

The Thang
Time to leave the AO and go visit our neighbors in Southern Village. We ran downhill to the bottom of Hillspring but kept going until we couldn’t go anymore. Turn into Unwin and bearcrawl around the cul-de-sac circle. Run up out and lungewalk uphill to the bottom of Hillspring and Highgrove. YHC had placed numbers on every other tree on the hill from 1-14 and the PAX had five minutes to run up and down the hill to get as high a score as possible. After five minutes finish at the bottom and remember your number.

Next Clap Webbs where we hit every tree with a number and did a merkin and 2x overhead seal claps IC. A rough way to get up the hill.

Once at the top of the hill the group with the highest score ran down to the bottom of the hill while everyone else stayed and did burpees. Then the next group went 75% of the way down the hill while everyone else did burpees. Then the last group went halfway down the hill while everyone else did burpees.

To finish everyone returns to their turnaround point on the hill and sprints the hill and back to the cul-de-sac. Plank until all arrive. Then quick mosey back to the AO

Mountain Climbers (what else) 4 sets of 10


Second F this Thursday at the Crunkleton
Second F on Sunday at Brier Chapel
Long workout on Labor Day at the Thicket