A brisk dark 28 degrees and 2 PAX arrived in Cary to start sweating.

jog around the parking lot
15 ssh
15 imperial walkers

jog down to the greenway to hill #31 (62 ft elevation gain)
5 runs up the hill, 1 burpee at the top each time

jog back to the park (while getting temporarily lost in the gloom)
stop at the lower patio for:
dips x20
merkins x15
dips x15

run up the stairs (70′ climb) to the ascending rock wall:
walk the wall in a plan position
stop randomly for incline merkins and shoulder taps

run back to the parking lot, bear crawl to the top

12 days of Mary (alternating Q- no break in between):
6″ leg hold x30
homer to marge x30
lbc x30
… (I can’t remember) x30
High slow flutters x30
freddy mercury x30
froggies x20 (Q failure here)
heels to heaven x30
peter parkers x30
shoulder taps x30
hammers x30
6″ leg hold x30

A great chance to cool off and enjoy some 2nd F
Prayers for Dufrene

Coffeteria for 2 at the local starbucks, a great way to get a start on Friday.