deliverance teeth

9 PAX posted at #F3Catalyst on what was a “warm” 28 degree morning for my maiden voyage into the Q-gloom.  Still needing to shed calories from 2 days of gluttony, we set off for an hour of hill hate.

The Thang:

jog to “round bank”, ssh x20, good morning x 20, windmill x 20, run up bank steps, derkin x 10, cross six forks on lassiter mill

Lassiter Mill Hill Hate (the descent):

  • butt kickers to parking lot entrance
  • high knee run to Pamlico intersection, burpee x 5
  • recover on run to beltline bridge, grab a spot on the guardrail, dip x 15, irkin x 15
  • recover on run to white brick ledge, box jump x 20
  • recover on run to wood fence, balls to the wall x 25
  • recover on the Indian run to greenway entrance near Root Elementary

divide into 2 groups.  1s: diamond incline merkin (vampire merkin/verkin, done on pointy wooden posts suitable for battling Dracula) x 25.  plank.  2s: bear crawl parking area, burpee x 5, bear crawl back.  flapjack and repeat so each group gets 2 sets of each.

Lassiter Mill Hill Hate Hate (the climb):

  • run to wood fence, people’s chair x 25
  • recover on run to white brick ledge, dip x 15
  • recover on run to guardrail, derkin x 15
  • recover on run to Pamlico, merkin x 15
  • recover on run back across six forks, down bank steps to grassy area at rear of parking lot

* total distance covered 2.6 miles, half of that was an uphill battle

speed merkin set (QIC had some counting issues), mini sets from 1 up to 5 and back down to 1, quick pace, no rest between sets.

sprint back to Carroll for Mary

  • reverse lbc x 25
  • lbc x 25
  • Russian/’Merican hammer x 25


prayers for Rain Man, Steroid and M Steroid, M Gnobby and B Gnobby.

toy drive, Christmas party, 2nd F at Southland Ballroom.

Had some great 2nd F time at coffeeteria this morning.  Thanks to the PAX for the support on my maiden voyage!  F3 has made an immeasurable difference in my life and I am grateful for all of you!

– Deliverance