4 pax posted today to burn off some turkey, stuffing, and various casseroles. The VSF was planted and the frigid beatdown commenced.

Warm up:

Air squats x 20

Good mornings x 20

SSH x 20


Mosey to the quad, circle the drain.

Merkins x 25

Jump lunges x 20

Dragon walk (gila merkins) to the sidewalk, inchworm push-ups back


Interval escalator.

~250 yd run, sprint the straights, jog the curves, then some exercisin, add an exercise each time

LBCs, Flying VJJs, low jacks, Keanu’s, burpees (20 the first time around for each exercise, 10 after that)


Mosey to Wimbleton.

M runs x 5 courts and back

Tennis ball toss and fetch – call out exercise and fetch the thrown ball, rest of pax does exercise until runner gets back.

BTTW tunnel of love with badger run


Heels to heaven, froggers, shoulder touches, plank sways



Great to see CK post with us today.

In honor of Floyd’s absence we did a lot of running. You’re welcome Floyd.