3 PAX for EC and 20 PAX for the main event at Rameses.

For EC, Coco, Blindside and YHC had a nice leisurely stroll through the woods and up most of Laurel Hill with 30 lb rucks on starting at 5:00 a.m.. We had wonderful discussions on leadership and how fortunate we are to have such great leadership in our Churham Pax. We ran out of time to do all of Laurel Hill (Hill of Broken Dreams) with our Extra Credit effort, so YHC audibled his original plan and decided to attack the hill again.

Main Event:
Warm Up:
Mosey to “top” parking lot
15 IC Imperial Walkers (Storm Troopers?! 😉
10 IC Windmill
10 IC Merkins
10 IC Willie Mays Hayes

The Thang:
Count off by twos and start parallel tempo/indian run down Laurel Hill. Stopped halfway and did 10 cadence count merkins and 10 cadence count air squats. Continue tempo/indian run further down the hill to “the wall.” The first group performed 10 cadence count dips, while the second group performed 10 cadence count merkins and then rotate. We headed back up Laurel Hill, and stopped halfway for 10 cadence count diamond merkins and 5 cadence count single leg squats on each leg. We then continued the tempo/indian run to the back steps of the Rameses site and moseyed to the pull up bars. The first group performed 10 pull ups each while the second group performed 20 cadence count merkins. The groups rotated and the second group performed 10 pull ups each while the first group performed an undetermined amount of merkins, and then “stretched.” The groups rotated through two more sets of pull ups for a total of 30, while the group not performing pullups did shoulder taps, then various plank related exercises.

YHC then lead the pax to the bottom of Tar Heel Warrior Mountain for a short sprint to the yellow gate, then lunge walk to the halfway point of the stairs where we performed 20 cadence count dips, 10 cadence count derkins, followed by 10 cadence count dips…then mozey to top of OEC parking lot for Mary.

15 IC Heels to Heaven
20 IC Flutter Kicks.

2nd F for June – 6/23 at 8:00 p.m. at He’s Not Here
Multiple opportunities for CSAUP weekend of September 11th.