First Quickhatch after YHC returned from DC.  Everything is finally starting to feel normal again.  Lets get back on the wagon!  8 PAX came out for the morning fun.

The Thang

We headed for the logs at a nice fellowship pace jog.  Grabbed the three pigs (two men each) and made a lap around the grounds (clockwise) ended up at the Community Center steps.  Dump the pigs for a second.  Elevens on the stairs with monkey humpers and squats.  Legs are feeling pretty toasty now.  Grab the pigs and keep moving.

We headed over to the mid field for the tunnel of love.  This was a new one from DC.  Pax lined up head to toe in plank position (with feet spread apart).  Pax at the back low crawls through the tunnel while each planker pulls him through the tunnel by his ruck.

Next we took the pigs home and worked our way over to the lower field.

  • AIr Squats x20
  • Merkins x20
  • 8 point body builder (like a burpee with a squat thrust) x10  … another DC newbie
  • Flutter Kicks x20
  • Hello Dollys x20


  • FiA Ruck Friday June 24th.  Contact YHC if you want to Fadre or just participate.
  • Churham Ruck coming up on July 23.