No Cruise….But McGillis Shows for Cary’s own DANGER ZONE 6 PAX, including one FNG and 3 of us in the “over 50 crowd” posted for the newly named North Cary Park work out….the DANGER ZONE. The ceiling was low as fog and mist covered the soccer file for the warm up as this Q once again could not read his cheat sheet. Once the Jet Fuel kicked in the work out got rolling. We all donned Ray Bans as a tomato wearing her best Charlie style stockings did a fly by. Yikes. Target heart rate achieved…

The Thang:
Warm Up:
Lap around the soccer field
SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x20
Mike Tysons (squat position / upper cuts) x20
Johnny Meinzels (shuffle Heismans…no money, ½ game off) x20
Mike Tysons Version 2 (boxer shuffle, air bag) x20
squats with toe touches x20

Jog over to the picnic area.
(Box Jumps x 10 and Dips x 15) x3
(Incline Merkins x 15 and Decline Merkins x 10) x 3
Plank-o-rama with regular plank s, sarkozy’s and putins  (5 count x 6 PAX for each)
More BJ’s and Dips x 10 x3

Jog over to the BBall court.

Split into 2 groups
Group 1:   Peoples Chair     Group 2: Lunge walk down and back; Flap Jack
Group 1: Peoples Chair        Group 2: Bear Crawl Down, Butt Kickers Back; Flap Jack
Group 1:  Balls to the Wall   Group 2:  High Knees Down and Back: Flap Jack
Everyone:  Suicide Sprints over both courts

Dealers Choice:

Rosalitas x20
Mountain Climbers x20
Russian Hammers x20
Hello Dolly x20
Six inches around the circle 20 count each

Box Jumps burpees  x 10, x 5, x4, x3, x2, x1

Jog back to the soccer field

SSH x20
Star Jumps x10

Rest of Mary:
Freddy Merks x20
LBCs x20
WWII Sit ups x20

Great to have Cheesesteak in the mix today!
FNG (McGillis) led us in prayer with specific prayers for a friend’s 23 year old son who was hit head on by a Drunk Driver and is in critical condition.