With Whole Foods easily in our rear view mirror (by the way, good for them putting police taping off the corner of the parking lot where we used to park #dbags), 7 of Durham’s finest set off with our brand new shovel flag (it is no longer virtual! – thanks Floyd) and got down to business

Speech by Riggs about correct cadence counting – SSH, IWs, arm circles, mountain climbers

Circuits and circles (Floyd) – find 5 tennis courts next to each other
Circuit #1: Run around 1 court, 2 merkins, run around 2 courts, 4 merkins, 3 courts, 6 merkins, 4 courts, 8 merkins, 5 courts, 10 merkins
Rest circuit #1: people’s chair, each person runs around a court and returns at end of the line, repeat for everyone
Circuit #2: Run around 1 court, 2 WW2s, …. 5 courts, 10 WW2s
Rest circuit #2: balls to the wall, 10 handstand pushups, bear crawl to the end of the line while each holds B2W – that was a killer
Circuit #3: Run around 1 court, 2 tuck jumps, …. 5 courts, 10 tuck jumps
Rest circuit #3: wall planks while each person bear crawls under each one

Since YHC was feeling spunky today, I enacted a penalty system – cut the corners on the court = 5 burpee penalty – the group incurred 55 burpees and completed them afterwards

Cadence testing – perform 1 round of exercise, then do it again in silence – failure to keep in cadence, forget the number we did, form failure, etc… resulted in 5 burpee penalties – merkins, SSH, LBCs, etc…

Liberty or Death: we went back to our Raleigh Independence Day roots – mostly death in this one – burpees, tuck jumps, squats, merkins, 1 legged burpees…

Mary – each PAX got a choice… russian hammers, LBCs, 6″ leg raises, heels 2 heaven, …


– Mad Hatter is SO much better than Whole Foods – better prices, higher quality baked goods, refillable coffee, nicer people… all around a good switch
– This work out came from left field with Floyd and all the running.. we were all confused… and sore/gassed
– Doing homer to marge in the middle of Duke’s East Campus definitely gets you some odd looks