With no plan for the day, YHC arrived to the site 20 minutes early to perform a brief recon mission of the terrain prior to the launch of today’s F3 Improv.  A quick loop around the facility proved to be ample exposure to facilitate the delivery of today’s product.  The field would not be ours today as the Steelers would once again claim the turf – and those guys are really big for a pop warner football team.  At the appointed time, 23 warriors landed in the drop zone and we were off.  Hopefully the pax got their money’s worth.


Warm Up COP

  • SSH 25x
  • Mountain Climber 25x
  • Merkin 20x
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles 20x (At this point, Minnie swoops in, does a couple arm circles, decides F3 is not for him today, and promptly hits the eject button, not to be seen again this morning)
  • Good Mornings 20x

Count of ones and twos and mosey down to bball courts.  Ones grab a rock and twos get on the base line.  Ones do the exercise while Twos do a mini suicide (half court and back – full court and back) then flapjack each time.  Exercises:

  • Curl
  • Overhead Press
  • Tricep Extension
  • Goblet Squat
  • Lunge

Circle up in the middle of the court for the following:

  • Merkins 15x
  • Carolina Dry Docks 15x
  • Diamond Merkins 10x

Get back on the baseline and do it all over again.  Put the rocks down and mosey over to the back side of the school and find a spot on the wall for:

  • Balls to Wall 20x
  • People’s Chair 20x
  • One Arm Balls to Wall 20x (10 each arm)
  • People’s Chair 20x

Continue to mosey around the school to the long railings by the entrance and find a spot for:

  • Incline Merkin/Lunge Descending Pyramids (25x-20x-15x-10x-5x)

Continue the journey with an extended mosey over to First Citizen’s parking lot.  Ones do a lap around the lot while Twos do Mountain Climbers then flapjack.  Next time, Ones do a lap while Twos do Star Jumps then flapjack.

Mosey to far end of parking lot and line up in the field to begin the journey home.  Get home via the following exercises:

  • Bear Crawl
  • Crab Walk
  • Dragon Walk
  • He Sees Me (all the way home)

Circle up for Mary

  • 10 Burpees OYO
  • LBC 30x
  • Rosalita 30x
  • Flutter 30x
  • WW2 Situp 30x
  • 6” Leg Hold – 7 count around the circle



  • Labor Day Convergence – Jaycee Park on Wade Ave – 0700 – 9/2 – One Hour Workout – NO OTHER WORKOUTS ON MONDAY
  • Huge numbers this week for F3 RDU – unofficial tally is around 240 posts – old record is 227
  • At coffeeteria, White Shoe explains his naming philosophy and that, in order to maintain general balance in the universe, the name given to the FNG should be inversely correlated to the level of physical aptitude of said FNG, although names should all be somewhere on the ‘derogatory scale’ – You’re welcome Uptown Girl (former pro rugby player from New Zealand)
  • Someone should check on Minnie and make sure he’s okay after all those arm circles he put out today
  • Great to see a lot of new faces – keep ‘em comin’ boys
  • It’s revealed that Costco is some type of grand poobah chief headdress of a massive tribe of little people – could be some fertile recruiting grounds for F3 here – details forthcoming
  • Money Hose and King David found out that YHC would be Qing today and decided not to show
  • Maize and MacGruber continue to show up and grit it out, despite the fact that they are now sharing one lung
  • Final revelation for the day: Wilson cried when Georgia lost to Alabama last year – so did White Shoe #differenttears