36 degrees in Midtowne this morning so 23 Urban Junglers had to dig in the dresser a little bit to find the cold weather gear again. I appreciate the opportunity to Q this location. It’s somewhat my ‘home turf’ as I grew up at the OLD North Hills Mall in the 70s and 80s—hanging out at Scotty Burger, the Newsstand perusing the latest National Lampoon mag, Hackney’s Sporting Goods, K&K Toys, Record Bar (shoplifting Blondie cassettes, etc), or hitting JC Penney for a “The Fox” shirt when funds were low and I couldn’t afford an Izod/alligator shirt.

In what has to be the fastest naming in F3 history (tagged BEFORE he was asked any questions), we welcomed ‘DICE’ to the group. I haven’t heard or thought about the Diceman in a long time but it conjured up a host of good memories (and non-memories) from the 80’s when my ‘fro was thick and lustrous: Reaganomics, acid-washed jeans, MD20/20, chicks with shoulder pads, the lyrical masterpieces of Whitesnake, ogling Blair from ‘Facts of Life’ etc. As crappy of a week I’ve been having at work, it’s nice to start a dreaded Wednesday with a laugh. I know I’ll be snickering most of the day recalling dirty nursery rhymes.

We covered some real estate in the shopping center area as well as NH East across the street.

SSH x 25 IC
Mountain Climber x 20 IC
Run (incl. a short wall climb) to deck west of JCP (near Renaissance) to finish warmup
Wind Mill x 20 IC
Prisoner Squat x 20 IC

Trot to fountain at south entrance to JCP
Group 1: Toe taps on fountain x 20 IC
Group 2: Standard Merkin x 20 IC
(one man down…rebounded and kicked ass at next station)

Run to Six Forks light…time perfectly, no Frogger needed. Hang a right to make our way to the south side of Mount Captrust parking deck (near WOB).
Group 1:Deck Ramp Suicide (single light, single light, top)
Group 2: Balls to the Wall

Group 1: Sprint to top and bearcrawl down
Group 2: Balls to the Ball
(as an aside, Tclaps to Charlotte’s Kraut on the downhill bearcrawl. I’ve long said that bearcrawling is the ONLY F3 thing I’m good at and the dude smoked me)

Short trot over to a rock pile in the back of Hyatt House. Uh oh, these parked cars next to said rockpile weren’t here during recon. Try not to dent anything. And shhhhh…don’t wake anybody up. (Steroid: “If they didn’t want to be woken up, they should have stayed at the Renaissance”)
Bent-over Row x15 IC
Squat-to-Press x 15 IC
Curl x 15 IC
Replace rocks without denting cars

Run back to Park at North Hills Street and proceed to Bagel Hill next to Bruegger’s
Upside down Jacob’s ladder
Up Bagel Hill/Down Bagel Hill –> Burpee x 2
Up Bagel Hill/Down Bagel Hill –> Burpee x 4
Up Bagel Hill/Down Bagel Hill –> Burpee x 6
Up Bagel Hill/Down Bagel Hill –> Burpee x 8

Back to light at Six Forks. Did NOT time it perfectly so it was a long wait. Sooo to pass the time:
Chilcutt for a 10 cadence count
Spiderman plank (knees to elbows) x 10 IC

PAX tired of waiting for light so we jaywalked
Trotted back toward JCP north parking lot, sprinted the last 50 or so yards

Heels to Heaven x20 IC
WWII Situps x 20 IC
Heels to Heaven x20 IC
WWII Situps x 20 IC
Freddie Merc x 20 IC

It is done.

-Praise for answered prayers (ManRam)
-Prayers for Dufresne
-Get out of comfort zone and explore other workouts. ESPECIALLY ones that we have in Moore Square on Wed morning (serving the Raleigh Rescue Mission) and at the Mens Healing Place on Saturday. Info online or ask anyone that’s done one of them
-F3 Dads set to go again at the end of May