A site record 18 PAX showed up for THE BLITZ this chilly morning, almost certainly because of the Q.  Or the pre-Blitz GoRuck training.  Probably the Q.  WIth 18 PAX and approximately 10 actual kettle bells, some improvising had to be done on the fly.

We focused on shoulders (two handeded swings, shoulder presses, hold the KB in front with arms extended), back/chest (KB bench press, bent over rows) and arms (curls, negative curls, tricep extension).  Got to do the shoulder and back/chest sets twice.

During those sessions, we rotated groups thru House of Cats BTTW/People’s Chair, slow merkins, dog leg left with irkin/derkin at the walls.  All sorts of random merriment.

COT.  White Shoe with a solid prayer to close us out.

-go see Dufresne.  I need to go soon, and so do you.

-GoRuck is coming up in May.  Too late to sign up, unless your F3 name rhymes with “no fair.”

-some of the PAX need to go buy some kettle bells.  It’s a great workout that will be more fun if everyone has a kettle bell.  Chong will drive them around all week so you don’t have to remember to bring it, just buy it.

-kotters to Liberace, glad you’re back out there.