With the VSF planted, disclaimer given, and verification that we had no physics majors on hand, 11 Pax took to the soggy surface of Roanoke Park for some classic Heavy Metal hard work, and in the process made history for F3 Nation.


Jog to the basketball court to warm-up:

  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 8, Reverse x 8
  • Prisoner Squats x 20
  • Jack Webb to 8 (save the arms boys, you’re going to need them today)
  • Jog back to the field for classic pain stations


Find a Battle Buddy (of similar size) and partner up for 9 stops for Heavy Metal pain:

Bench Press: [noun] (weightlifting) a weight-training exercise in which a person lies on a bench and pushes a barbell upwards with both hands from chest level until the arms are straight, then lowers it again

  • STOP 1: Hailing from the Ukraine, by way of Raleigh, NC, introducing “The Prison Yard,” a.k.a. “The DOC,” a.k.a. “The Milkshake,” a.k.a. “The Schwarzenegger,” an all-time first for F3 Nation, the BENCH PRESS. 135 lbs. x AMRAP, off partner spots, flapjack
  • STOP 2: Curtis P w/ Sears Bar x 5, off partner flutter kicks, flapjack
  • STOP 3: Sandbag Shouldering x 10, off partner flutter kicks, flapjack
  • STOP 4: F3 Pull-up Challenge (2-5 reps each wide grip, chin-ups, regular pull-ups)
  • STOP 5: Sandbag Alternating L/R Step-ups, off partner flutter kicks, flapjack
  • STOP 6: Cinder Block Man-Makers x 5
  • STOP 7: Abacus Gun Show x 10 each (curls, pushdowns), flapjack
  • STOP 8: Bobby Petrinos up the hill to stop sign, jog back, flapjack
  • STOP 9: Mama Junk flips x 5 (team or individual, off partner flutter kicks)

Pax hustled hard between stations and completed two full rotations.


Circle-up for some Mary:

  • LBC x 50



  • Nothing flashy, just another morning at Heavy Metal. Grown men dressed in all black lifting truck tires, bench pressing in an open public park, and carrying each other up and down hills. And awesome fellowship. #allinadayswork
  • Proud to make F3 history with the first time usage of a straight bench press (legit bench, olympic bar, plates, and all)
  • TCLAPS to Money Hose for scoring the bench, and maybe even more importantly using the Jedi mind trick on M. Money Hose to allow said bench’s ongoing storage at Money Hose World HQ. Aye!
  • TCLAPS also to Plebe for assisting Money Hose in getting the bench back into the basement without a single sound, in the process leaving the entire Money Hose House asleep and unaware of the movement. #likeitneverhappened
  • Solid work today, men!