YHC had 2 workouts planned this morning. One for an even numbered group and one for an odd numbered group. Luckily, an even 14 pax decided to tempt Dawn Patrol. Once they assembled and Macgruber was done stalling in his warm car, we set off into the gloom.

The Thang…

Mosey to the bottom of Glen Eden
20 merkins OYO
20 Burpees OYO
Sprint up the hill to Edwards Mill

Plank while waiting
20 count alternating chillcut/regular plank

Mosey back to Laurel Hills parking Lot

Partner up
Partner 1 runs around center median of parking lot
Partner 2 does 10 Burpees, 15 merkins while waiting
Repeato x6

Mosey to Basketball Courts
Same Partner
Partner Carry Length of 2 courts, 1 burpee
Switch Partners, back to starting point, 2 burpees
Continue this until partners reached 8 burpees

Circle up for Mary
LBC 30 Count
Low Slow Flutter 15 count
Hold 6 in
Dolly 10 count
Russian Hammer 20 Count

-Strong Work by all, lots of running.. lots of burpees… lots of B####ing. Good workout by standards
-Welcome Krusty the Clown with a K
-First Healing Place workout Sat 2/8
-Kilt Run March 1
-Beer tasting HH, 2/13 6pm, Raleigh Brewing Company
-GoRuck Challenge 5/3, Something every man can do and benefit from, Just commit and the rest is easy.

Prayer Courtesy of Steroid