16 men showed up this morning for what would be a challenging but fun workout. We planned on using the random stationary equipment or as Selfie called them the monuments left by the ancients, the F2s, as an obstacle course for the PAX. After some very curious questions from DOI about the signs left on said obstacle course we circled up and got to work. All will be explained in good time DOI, all in good time.

Warm Up
Trump lead us through 4 exercises
SSH x20
Imperial Walker x15
Squat x15
Merkin x10

The Thang
Mosey over to the obstacle course and break into 2 groups. Each group would run through the 14 or so obstacles which included lunges, peoples chair, erkins, step ups, derkins, pull ups, WWIIS, squats, burpees and other assorted exercises with Selfie making sure not to upset the ancient F2s along the way. Once the course was completed by all PAX members we lined up again and repeated for another round.

We gingerly trotted out to the track where the football game would commence. We broke into 4 groups of 4 and lined up on the track in our groups facing the field. The 4 Cones on the opposing sideline would mark the turnaround point for each group. The game consisted of one PAX member running out for a pass while another did his best Doug Flute. Once the ball was caught the receiving PAX would run to the cone and do his choice of 10 merkins or 10 squats, run back and rotate to the next passer and reciever. Those waiting in line would perform an assortment of exercises until it was their turn to be QB or receiver. There was one small twist that made this interesting, if any football was dropped at any point the entire PAX would complete an ascending amount of burpees by a multiple of 5. I can’t say for sure that Yanni fumbled one intentionally, but I can’t deny it either. Vandelay had one catch that is still under official review, but all in all 5 balls were dropped and the PAX was done with burpees and football.

LBC x 20
American Hammer x10
Heels To Heaven x20

New site, The Thicket at Woods Charter School officially launches on 8/1/2016
Ruck the ATT Saturday 7/23/2016
2nd F at Growler Grlz

Pray for those dealing with violence not only here but all over the world. Go out today and make a difference. Even a small thing can make a huge impact in your community and beyond. Until we meet again in the gloom, amen.