This one had none of the usual fluff YHC tries to throw in.
No games.  No glamour.  And for some, no gloves.  And yes, sorry, but no music.  This isn’t Zoomba, men.

This was a straight up come to work, punch the clock, do work, and clock out.

16 PAX grew hair on their chest this morning.
For some 2.0s it was the first time.
For some YHCs, who can’t grow hair on their face or chest, I’m speaking metaphorically.

The Work

Warm Up
– SSH x 20, Gooood Mornings x 10, Wide Grip Merkins x 20 (these will come in to play later)

The Thang

(Note: YHC came out a little early to place some flags and sheets of exercises.)
We headed to the kiosk where I explained the workout.  It went something like this, “Today is 7/20 so we are going to do 7 rounds of 7 exercises 20 times each.”  Apparently I overestimated my team as I had to explain this 4 more times before it was understood by enough pax for us to start.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s me explaining bad.  In this case, though, I really think it was the motley crew of meatheads I had to work with this morning.  Anyways…

Let me try again…

There are 7 exercises on the sheet.  Do 20 reps of each exercise then run to the first flag and cut up the hill and back to the kiosk area for your second round (and second flag).  There will be 7 rounds of this and the 7 flags get farther away and the hill climb then becomes longer and steeper.

So we did 7 rounds of this:

20 Merkins
20 Monkey Humpers
20 Dips
20 Jump Knee Tucks
20 Derkins
20 Bench Top Quick Feet (L/R is 1)
20 CDD
7 exercises x 20 reps = 140 Reps
Then run a lap and come back for the next round (7 rounds total)
140 Reps x 7 Rounds = 980 Reps
980 Reps + 20 Wide Merkins (in warm up) = 1000 Reps.  Yay.

Wow, it was hot and tiring.  Large and his 2.0 sidekicks dominated the field.  Had like 10 minutes to chill out and call some mary exercises such as lbs, freddy, sumo squats, plank hold, and others.  I dunno, I was too busy dying on the final round.

Indian Run across the field and to the Billy Run Starting Blocks
Billy Run

Slooow Freddy Murcurys x 10 IC
Dying Cockroach x 10 IC


Praises that there weren’t any immediate prayer requests to call upon.  We still have some long term ones that we continue to carry in our hearts, however.  We lift you all and your families up!!


  • I told people they didn’t need gloves b/c we would be in the grass
  • I don’t think anyone listened to me (but myself) and yet plenty of chatter about me saying you didn’t need gloves.
  • This type of workout is the worst for Burt.  Too much counting detracks his chatter.  He’s learned to adapt, however, and just partners with someone (unknowing to the partner) and chatters while they do the silent counting.
  • I see you Burt.  And your new shirt.
  • An old lady told us we weren’t jumping high enough on the knee tucks.  I have to agree with her.  Step it up fellas.
  • At one point TP asked his 2.0 if he was doing OK.  Braveheart says “yes sir”.
  • He should have said, “I’m a full round ahead of you, paw.  Worry about yourself trying to catch me, yo.”
  • Or he could’ve said, “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.”  But of course he hasn’t seen Braveheart so he wouldn’t have known how awesome it would have been if he said that.
  • Large looked like a camp councelor leading his crew of #hates up the hill.
  • That crew was blazing today.  Lapped the entire pax.  That’s insane.  YHC didn’t plan for 10 mins of dead airtime for them.
  • Dang, I should have said if you finish early bear crawl the kiosk.  That would show them who’s boss…
  • Goose and Ma pulling away in the van with the windows down, shirts off, beach towels around the shoulders totally looked like two dudes just coming back from the neighborhood pool.

This last point deserves its own space.  We had FNG Brent today and I stated in the past the next time an FNG shows and I’m the Q I’m going to try and steer us back to the mother ship and not name the FNG until his second time out.  I got a few gasps when I skipped the naming process but I think it’s good to be consistent with things like this across F3 and I think it’s good for the guy to get that incentive to come back out.  Just my opinion.  Feel free to sound off in the comments below…