Harkening back to the winter days of the relay course, 22 Pax + YHC took a post rain jaunt into pain.

Warm-ups… What are those? We went through the course.

Tha thang: Divide into 4 groups starting in various locations along the route, do one circuit of the route then continue until you reach Mama Junk at which point you join the rest of the PAX for Merry.

The route: Bear crawl about 200ft from the corner of Hanover and Aycock, Jog 250ft, then dragon walk for 200ft, then jog to the corner of Hannover and Bickett. 10x diamond merkins, 10x crucifix merkins, jog to corner of Cherokee and Bickett, 8x Manmakers, jog to swings, 8x toe taps, 8x kettle bell shoulder press, 8x burpee box jump jog to Gazebo, ¬†8x pull ups, jog to field, 8x curls with the sears bar, jog to El Hefe (corner of Cherokee and Aycock) Carry El Hefe either to or from Fairview rd, jog to Mama Junk and flip her twice. Any down time was used doing either 6″ leg holds, LBCs or Planks.

Upon completion Below exercises were done in cadence: Merkins 20x, Reverse LBCs 40x, Staggered Merkins 10x each variation, Rosalitas 30x, Russian Hammers 14x.

COT:¬†Well done to all the PAX and prayers for Plebe’s healing of/ peace with family friend’s cancer.