snaking waves2

Mission from F3 Columbia came to town for surfing lessons, unfortunately the surf was flat and all he left with  memories of pain and carrying Chong w/ a weight vest on…  #anothersatisfiedvisitor Welcome to the Dawn Patrol Backblast … Lets do this.

Warm-ups X 20

  • Good mornings
  • Merkins
  • Fazio Arm Circles
  • Mountain Climbers

Partner up – equal size and equal speed

Snaking Waves to snake a wave is to steal another dudes wave in the last seconds before he pops up to shred

snaking waves

Object of the series is to push each other, to get stronger, faster….

First, exercise together w/ partner; second you will try to beat each other to the next stop, snake that wave bro…

Plank Hold until your up…

  • 1st Leg – Laurel Hills park sign – 10 Merkins and sprint to stop sign
  • 2nd Leg – Stop Sign – 10 Pop-ups – (Burpee + knee jumps) and sprint to lower park entrance
  • 3rd Leg – Lower Park Entrance – Pick a Boulder for 10 Decline Merkins and sprint to soccer field

Circle up around the Flag and Plank O Rama until group finishes

The Hasselhoff @ Soccer field X 2

  • Partner Carry to opposite side of field and 15 Partner squats – flap jack
  • Partner Wheel Barrel to opposite side of field 10 Partner Jumps (partner kneels you side jump over him) – flap jack
  • Partner Relays –  Sprint to opposite side 15 merkins sprint back, partner planks –  flapjack

Mary Con Musica

  • WW2 Sit-ups x 50
  • LBCs X 25
  • Reverse LBCs X 25
  • Plank Hold X 25
  • Merkins X 25