20 of the finest player haters in the County of Wake assembled in the pre-gloom gloom of North Hills’ asphalt jungle for QIC’s maiden voyage at this site.


Warmup COP – Count off by 4s for later use, SSH x 20, Mtn climber x 20, Ski abs x 20,
Imp walker x 20

Divide into 2 groups(odds/evens) for an Indian Run around Target to the stoplight on Six Forks. Cross over to the parking lot set with four cones marking the perimeter of our pain.

Four Corners – Each group does max reps of exercise for 60 seconds, then bear crawls(about 40 yards) to next station until all four groups had the pleasure of visiting each station.
Group 1 – star jumps
Group 2 – spider-man merkins
Group 3 – squat jumps
Group 4 – burpees

She Hate Me – 3 exercises done in consecutive sets, 10 reps each. No rest. We did 6 rounds of this mess.
– lunge jump(10 each leg)
– burp(burpee with no push-up or standing)
– merkin

Jog immediately over to parking deck ramp by Cowfish where we divided into 2 groups again. Odds ran up the ramp and did 15 burpees. Evens stayed at the bottom, did 10 burpees, then balls to the wall waiting for the odds to get back down. Flapjack.

Jog back across six forks to fountain. Odds, 20 jump ups. OYO. Evens, people’s chair. Flapjack and repeato.

Mary – Rosalita x 30, LBC x 30.

2nd F at Raleigh Brewing 2/13, 6-8. Zima’s bartending, Bella Monica has food duty. Bring an FNG. New workout at Williams Park(Leadmine & Lynn) starts next Monday @ 5:45. Inaugural Brier Creek workout this morning. Aye!

Prayers for Sexy Rexy’s Father-in-law(please forgive me if I’m getting this wrong), Costco’s M and 2.0’s health and safety in California, Costco’s sanity, Cinderella’s Grandmother, and all those unspoken today.

Ball of Man with Orwell taking us out was a perfect way to start the day.