All assembled at 0545 at the Shelley Lake Park-N-Go, 13 pax mumbled off into the darkness.


Warm Up COP – SSH 25x-WM 20x-IW 20x

Mosey over to base of DAM and collect rocks

Rock COP: Curls-Squats-LBC (21x each)

Take the hill – plank at top then go back down

Rock COP: Rerkins-Lunge-Dying Cockroach (21x each)

Take the hill – plank at top then go back down

Rock COP: Overhead Press-1 Legged Dead Lift-Russian Hammer (21x each)

Take the hill – plank at top then mosey around towards the boat dock

Stop and do People’s Chair & #MackBrownDerkins on a Wall for a bit then mosey on to the boat dock

Boat Dock Sets – Derkins-Single Leg Squat (R)-Clirkins-SLS (L) – 2 sets of 21 each

Mosey on back to that same wall and do some more PC & MBDs

Continue the mosey back down to the base of the dam and do something at the bottom that I forgot and then run to the top and do 10 burpees

Mosey back to the spot where we warmed up for Mary – LBCs-Rosalita-Dolly-Hammers de Russia



  • T-Claps to our out of town celebrity guest to getting proper instruction from his spirit guide this week
  • T-Claps to Bikram for re-emerging into the gloom, welcome back brother
  • Raleigh Goruck 5/3 – You might not be able to do it, you might get hurt – Last year Au Pair joined the Ms and 2.0s and was there to watch us finish after doing very difficult and strenuous activities all night – you could just do that with him – save the money – alls you get is a little velcro patch anyways – Many of us are going to do it again, but it’s probably not for you
  • Welcome new Q’s to True Grit very soon – MacGruber and Zima – may the torch of F3 Raleigh’s most difficult and manly workout burn brightly in your keep
  • Prayers for all – both spoken and un – especially for Cinderella’s grandma, Virginia, who passed from this world to the next
  • Kilt Run – 3/1
  • 2 Year Anniversary – Pullen Park – 3/1
  • BEER NIGHT – 2/13 – 6-8 @raleighbrewing company