All assembled at 0545 at the Shelley Lake Park-N-Go, 13 pax mumbled off into the darkness.


Warm Up COP – SSH 25x-WM 20x-IW 20x

Mosey over to base of DAM and collect rocks

Rock COP: Curls-Squats-LBC (21x each)

Take the hill – plank at top then go back down

Rock COP: Rerkins-Lunge-Dying Cockroach (21x each)

Take the hill – plank at top then go back down

Rock COP: Overhead Press-1 Legged Dead Lift-Russian Hammer (21x each)

Take the hill – plank at top then mosey around towards the boat dock

Stop and do People’s Chair & #MackBrownDerkins on a Wall for a bit then mosey on to the boat dock

Boat Dock Sets – Derkins-Single Leg Squat (R)-Clirkins-SLS (L) – 2 sets of 21 each

Mosey on back to that same wall and do some more PC & MBDs

Continue the mosey back down to the base of the dam and do something at the bottom that I forgot and then run to the top and do 10 burpees

Mosey back to the spot where we warmed up for Mary – LBCs-Rosalita-Dolly-Hammers de Russia



  • T-Claps to our out of town celebrity guest to getting proper instruction from his spirit guide this week
  • T-Claps to Bikram for re-emerging into the gloom, welcome back brother
  • Raleigh Goruck 5/3 – You might not be able to do it, you might get hurt – Last year Au Pair joined the Ms and 2.0s and was there to watch us finish after doing very difficult and strenuous activities all night – you could just do that with him – save the money – alls you get is a little velcro patch anyways – Many of us are going to do it again, but it’s probably not for you
  • Welcome new Q’s to True Grit very soon – MacGruber and Zima – may the torch of F3 Raleigh’s most difficult and manly workout burn brightly in your keep
  • Prayers for all – both spoken and un – especially for Cinderella’s grandma, Virginia, who passed from this world to the next
  • Kilt Run – 3/1
  • 2 Year Anniversary – Pullen Park – 3/1
  • BEER NIGHT – 2/13 – 6-8 @raleighbrewing company


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  • Whatevs. I knew you missed me, Chung. I’ll be right there w the Ms and little ones again, proud of you and those that conquer the GORUCK. Glad to see you were able to make it out of the driveway now that the snow has melted.

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