13 pax (a 2014 high for the new timeslot) gathered for Tin Cup’s first Q, assisted by Epoxy.  TheForge welcomed FNG Layover (Chip McDonald), and while TheForge is billed as FNG friendly, this week piggybacked off Friar Tuck’s prior week beatdown as not as FNG friendly as I remember them (which is good).  Now on to the details:

Warm-up (numbers are approximations as I don’t recall exactly, which is troubling given I’m a numbers guy): Tin Cup led warm-up of 20 SSH, 15 windmills, and 12 Sir Fazio arm circles for each arm.  Might have been one more…. Jog around lake stopping at Carousel for what Rogers would later call the “Carousel of Chaos”.

The Thang: Partner up with someone you don’t know well or haven’t partnered before.  Partners divide into one of six stations (originally 5 until abs were added on 2nd rotation).  Odd man without partner makes one group of 3.

1) wheelbarrow half way up long stairs and switch at train tracks for other partner to wheelbarrow the rest.  Run back down and move to station 2.  (Odd numbered group has one man doing bear crawl up stairs while partners wheelbarrow).  Overheard something I never want to hear again at F3 (“do you want to wheelbarrow me”….I’m not saying names, but let’s not hear that again…haha).

2) 15 count slow dips, move to station 3.

3) 10 count burpees OYO (or 10 additional if you mess up station 5, see below), move to station 4.

4) Balls to wall 15 count on side of carousel, move to station 5.

5) 3 rope ladders stretched out long ways with cones between each ladder:  dealer’s choice on first rope ladder then bunny hop cones; plank walk second rope ladder then run zig zag run / slide cone pattern; dealer’s on the third ladder but can’t be what you did on first ladder.  Repeat ladder set twice, move to station 6.  If ladders were kicked, moved, etc., perform 10 penalty burpees at station 3.  You guessed it, I had a penalty from my own rule and while doing plank walk of all things.  Damn!

6) 20 count Mary of choice by each partner group.

Once rotation completed, plank until others are finished.  Repeat this 6 station “Carousel of Chaos” 3 times.

Being a few minutes left after 3 rotations, split into three groups (4/4/5) with one group doing side shuffle suicides using cones and the other 2 groups doing Mary called by random pax.  Next group up for suicides while first group joins the Mary.  Finally, third group hits suicides.  2 Marys / 1 suicide.  Round 2 karaoke suicides with different Mary.


Krispy Kreme run 2/8.  Epoxy is Q.  Google it and register!  Deadline is 2/5.

Prayers for Dufresne and Orwell’s family.

Again, welcome to Layover.  Traded emails with him this morning, and he said he’d continue F3 b/c there was nothing else on his calendar at 0545 each day.  Made me laugh….gotta like that attitude!!!