After YHC cancelled as Q last week due to the snow, 8 pax joined me this week at Ball Bearings for a little fun in the mud.  It drizzled on us most of the workout, with some decent rain midway through.

The Thang

Warm-up jog down to Glenwood, up the trail, behind the House of Cats to the Upper Parking Lot. Stop along the way for Mericans x 10 and Wide Mericans x 15 (double time on both sets).

Warm-up circle –

  • SSH x 25
  • Imperial Walkers x 26
  • Mountain Climbers x 24

Find a spot on the Curb for a little leg work

  • Mini left/right step-up x 20
  • mini jump up left x 20
  • Mini left/right step-up x 20
  • mini jump up right x 20

Recover on the jog to the top of Hamburger Hill
Set of 11’s – squats at the top of the hill, Slow, controlled Bear Crawl down.  ‘Mericans at the bottom.  Fast Bear Crawl back-up.  REPEAT until the 11’s are finished

Recover on the jog to the Picnic Pavilion.  Partner up for
3 sets of (Pullups x 5 and Irkins x AMRAP flapjack)
3 sets of (Pullups x 5 and Dips x AMRAP flapjack)

Stumble up the mud-slick hill to the stone circle for Six Minutes (actual) of Mary

  • LBC x 40
  • Hammers x 20
  • Low Plank Hold around the circle x 5
  • High-Low slow Flutter x 20
  • Hello Dolly x 20
  • Cannonballs x 20


  •  YHC’s legs were toast after the Mile Test at #HiFidelity yesterday.  So we focused on arms, shoulders, and abs, mostly (I still have to jog a little bit).  My count had 140+ Mericans, and 30 pull-ups, along with numerous ab and core exercises.
  • 2nd F – Raleigh Brewing Company and Bella Monica on 2/13 @ 6pm
  • Quiet crowd today…
  • Prayer from Wendell G to lead us out.