After being a regular at HM for about a year, YHC hadn’t been around much since June 1 due to the Shaggy Challenge (more on that later) and family travels.  As a “welcome back”, Fungo invited me to Q.  I will admit, I had to visit Roanoke on Wednesday night to reacquaint myself with the dimensions of the park. As well as you think you may know it, it’s hard to remember distances around the park, etc.  Decided to go back to a Q similar to one I had done at HM in April with a couple nuances.  Unfortunately, the logistical issues I encountered in April and feared on Wednesday night materialized once again Thurs (how can you get rotations among stations to move smoothly with 11 consecutive stations around the perimeter of the park without each pairing having a watch?).  Oh well, seemed to be a decent workout in spite of people not always being in the right place / moving when they weren’t supposed to.  We did our best!

Warm-up:  With permission from Ricky and for the amusement of Fungo, YHC led with a “circle up Fu…”   SSH x 15; GM x 12; Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each arm (had planned Mike Tyson’s for Tarp but totally forgot)

The Thang:  Workout consisted of 11 stations around the perimeter of the park done by partners (size does typically matter regardless of what you’re told, Costco, but not for this).  Each station would be performed for approx. 2 min and you don’t leave the station until the group behind you reaches your station….this is problematic when you’re at stations 8, 9, 10, 11 to start (long wait on the first rotation!) or when you start with gaps between the stations (tried to tell em).  To cut down on some confusion (apparently didn’t help that much), each station had a cone with instructions taped to it and chalk markings to indicate direction of movement and how you get to the next station (at least White Shoe was impressed and that’s what matters to me).  When P1 has completed the appropriate number of reps, you switch then switch back once P2 has done the reps, etc…

Station 1: Partner Mama Junk Flips x 5 followed by 10 jump-ups.  Repeat rotations until time is up.  Bear crawl to Station 2 (bench in corner of park).  Note to management: MJ should come out weekly as this type of gear (along with the bench press) differentiates the men of HM from the boys at Dawn Patrol!

Station 2: P1 – Derkins on bench x 12; P2 – low slow flutter. Flapjack.  Repeat until relieved.  Bear crawl to station 3.

Station 3: Gun show – curl bar, dumbbells – AMRAP in time allotted.  Wheelbarrow to station 4 switching WB at 1/2 way point as marked on the road.

Station 4: P1 – Tricep extension with 45lb plate x 15; P2 – Mtn Climbers.  Flapjack.  Repeat until relieved.  Dragon walk to station 5.  Apologies….that was a long dragon walk.

Station 5: P1 – Zercher squat x 15; P2 – Balls to wall on tree.  Flapjack.  Repeat until relieved.  Karaoke to station 6.

Station 6 (now at far end of the park near bball courts): P1 – Bent over row with 45lb plate; P2 – ski abs.  Flapjack.  Repeat until relieved.  Lunge walk to station 7.

Station 7: P1 – one arm overhead press with kettle bell x 10 each arm; P2 – Rosalita. Flapjack.  Repeat until relieved.  Bear crawl to station 8.

Station 8: Suicides on bball courts AMRAP.  Stay until relieved.  Jog to station 9.

Station 9: Lie down for pull-ups on swings.  AMRAP.  Jog to station 10.

Station 10: Burpee box jumps AMRAP.  Jog to station 11 at big tree near backstop.

Station 11: P1 – Olympic bar 21s; P2 – Mary of choice.  Flapjack.  Done! Seems like we made it about one full circuit around the park.

Circle up for plank-o-rama and low plank holds and merkins while we wait for pax to arrive from the other end of the park.  YHC noted that 8 Mile and Electrolux started moving gear / cones prior to time being called; therefore, all pax performed 10 penalty merkins for their inappropriate actions.  Final exercise was a variety of merkins that I got from a Men’s Health article (standard x 7, sarkozy side merkin x 7, putin side merkin x 7).  Was told weeks ago I couldn’t name them for myself so call them what you will.  Solid work by all and once again, sorry for the logistical issues.  If you were standing around waiting doing nothing at times, that’s your fault as I told you to be creative.

COT: Much of COT (and pre / during workout chatter actually) surrounded the “scandal” as Money Hose would call it of new workouts being added to the Shaggy Challenge.  “What did Shaggy know and when did he know it”.  After much discussion, the group voted to either ban Gnard Dogg from future HM visits or to refer to him as “Gillooly” or “Harding” when he shows up….thus the photo.  And about that photo, those sweaters are sweet (“tight” as my younger friends might say or has that word gotten played out now???).  And the acid washed jeans….nice touch Gillooly.  Costco mentioned that if Gnard is Harding, then that makes me Nancy Kerrigan….I’ll take it!  I’ll always remember the screams of “WHY, WHY…” from Kerrigan.  If you haven’t seen the 30 for 30 on that, you should.  But enough about that.

One final twist:  Talked to Fungo, Money Hose, and Tarp over the last few weeks, and we decided to make HM sort of a game to weed out the weak links.  With that, the 4 of us would vote each week on a “weak link of the workout” (i.e., someone that is not Heavy Metal material), and that person would not be able to attend future HMs.  After the workout, we discussed that this group brought it this week so it would be difficult to decide.  Consideration was given to 8 Mile and Electrolux for their shenanigans discussed above, but we couldn’t come to a consensus.  But someone had to go b/c rules are rules!.  After additional discussions, we concluded on Myrtle (in absentia) just given his overall poor performances over the months and just “not representing what we want a Heavy Metal man to be”.  Myrtle will need to find a new Thursday workout.  It’s been fun, Myrtle, and we appreciate the humor sometimes, but “you’ve been voted off the island” so to speak.

Announcements: Mud Run – sign up!    Mule 10/25

Prayer Requests: Hush Puppy’s family; I believe it was Electrolux’s friends whose house was hit by lightning; my friend’s sister-in-law that is 30 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Sorry if I forgot others!  Closing Prayer.

Glad to be back out to HM….thanks for the opp to Q!