No wasting time this morning for the early risers who joined YHC for a quick 7s on the stairs with burpees and merkins.  We followed with Jack Webbs in sets of 4 up to 12, 12 again, and then back down.  Run with me to pick up the PAX for some more fun.

Join the rest of the PAX, state the required disclaimer, and hit the ramps with backwards run up the inclines and karaoke on the flats.  Circle up at top for warm up.

Warm Up:  SSH x 20, Windmills x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15

The Thang:

Count off and split into two groups, odds and evens (which proved to plague YHC’s coordination throughout the workout -Note to Self for future ‘dividing of the PAX’ #pickanothermethod.  Odds start at stairs on left and evens start at stairs on right.  Run down the stairs, cross the bottom of the deck, run up the stairs, cross the top of the deck and repeat 3X.  At the beginning and each time you get back to your starting point, do 15X repetitions of:  Cycle 1 – Merkins, Cycle 2 – Jump Squats, Cycle 3 – Burpees.  Evens got a bit confused on their ‘exercise location’ and were quickly reminded by Odds to ‘stay in your own flippin’ corner.’

Swift Jog  across the deck and down the ramp to arrive at the ‘sprint zone.’  Split into previous groupings.  Odds (or was it Evens?) sprint to end ( the ‘end’ caused much confusion among the PAX, but we eventually settled on the last light post on the left) , do 15X called exercise, and sprint back all the while the Evens are doing AMRAP exercise at wall.  Flapjack.  Cycle 1-Merkins/Irkins, Cycle 2-Carolina Dry Docks/People’s Chair, Cycle 3-Burpees/Skier Abs.

Swift jog down to bottom of ramp and split up for the last time.  Evens sprint to top of ramp up and through the flat at top and return.  Evens are doing called exercise AMRAP and flapjack.  Cycle 1-Heels to Heaven, Cycle 2-Parker Peters, Cycle 3-Plank Jacks.

Circle up for Mary:

25x LBCs, 20x LSF, 20x Rosalita, 25x ‘Merican Hammer


-Great work by the PAX today.  Mumble chatter was sufficient so I was glad to see high spirits going into the weekend.  The stairs, wind sprints, and ramp climbs also brought about some noticeable huffing and puffing, YHC included, and I was equally glad to see that!  #strongerforit

-Prayer requests and praises from several PAX; Epoxy’s family, Orwell’s parents, Grillz’ family, Cinderella’s buddy, praises for donations made by PAX for Dufresne’s family.

-Metamorphosis is being led by one of the Raleigh Rescue participants on 23/Jul.  PAX encouraged to post to have a big crowd for him.

-Cinderella took us out strong