13 (including 3 FNGs) gathered in Raleigh’s venerable Pullen Park on the morn of April 8 for my maiden Q at this location (3rd overall). The theme for today was 42 in honor of Epoxy’s birthday. We found out later, during COT, that one of our FNGs (Humpy) turns 42 tomorrow so it would almost appear that I knew what I was doing for a change.

Pat Tillman (Arizona State #42/Army Ranger KIA) Warmup

  • SSH x 42 IC (in the parking lot in order to catch stragglers.

Run north side of pond to bridge and circle up on the island to continue warmup

  • Sir Fazio Arm circles 21 forward and 21 reverse = 42 IC
  • Windmill x42 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 42 IC

Bridge to south side of the pond for

James Worthy (LA Lakers #42) Animal Parade

  • Bear Crawl 42 seconds
  • Duck Walk 42 seconds
  • Crab Walk 42 seconds
  • Bunny Hop 42 seconds
  • Lunge Walk 42 seconds

Run to picnic gazebo on the north end of park for:

Jackie Robinson (Brooklyn Dodgers #42) Table Work

  • Toe Tap x12 IC
  • Wide Grip Dirkin 12 IC
  • Jump ups x12 OYO

Repeato X11 IC (or OYO)
Repeato x10 IC (or OYO
Repeato x9 IC (or OYO)
(for a total of 42 each exercise)

Continue on path toward tennis courts/rockpile for:

Ronnie Lott (SF 49ers #42) Rock Work

  • Bent-over Row x 12IC
  • Curl x12 IC
  • Overhead Press x12 IC
  • Squat x12 IC

Repeato x11 IC
Repeato x10 IC
Repeato x9 IC
(for a total of 42 each exercise)

Back to the stone circle for:

Sid Luckman (Chicago Bears #42) Mary
But first … 42 seconds of burpee AMRAP OYO

  • Freddie Mercury x12 IC
  • Hammer x12 IC

Repeato x11 IC
Repeato x10 IC
Repeato x9 IC
(for a total of 42 each exercise)


Prayers for family members of Terramite and Singlewide (I think)
Howard closed us out