Extra credit: Friar Tuck, Denali, Bob Vila, Yoyo, & Cornholio +1

Jog. Partner Push-ups 5x each arm, Superman Modified shoulder taps 20x, Handstand merkins 5x wash rinse repeato.

On to the main event:

warm up: good mornings 10x, imperial walker 12x, fazio ACs 12x reverse 12x, mountain climber 12x

tha thang: we covered every level of all decks surrounding the parking deck, missing only 3 sets of stairs, taking all other vertical/horizontal paths. Up ramps: reverse run 60% karaoke 30%, regular 10%. Down ramps: bear crawl 50%, duck walk 20%, lunge walk 20%, regular 10%. Up stairs: regular 75%, Two footed hop 25%. Down stairs: Bear crawl 50%, Regular 25%, Two footed hop 25%. Flats: on each yellow strip shuffle hop it and then complete either 20x mini-dips and/or 20x mini-derkins.

Once we completed the deck sections we jogged around the sears parking lot to the Macy’s entrance and did the following OYO: Merkins: 8x, 6x, 4x, 2x, 10x. Then jog on to Mary:  50x LBC, 50x Reverse LBC, 7 count around the horn 6″ leg hold.