Warm and muggy this AM, with an uncharacteristic wind in our faces on the back stretch.  The usual M-bootcamp wth Golden Retriever in tow greeted us happily this morning in the Gloom.  The 2nd week of Cruise Intervals was not well-received by the PAX, but this will be a fun workout.  On to the THANG


  • 1/2 mi warm-up with high knees, butt-kickers, and two stride accelerations.
  • Circle o’Stretches – Imperial Walker x 16, Good Mornings x 16, Wind Mills x 16.

The work

9 minute Cruise Interval at T-pace (1 min/mi slower than Mile Race Pace) followed by a 3:00 minute rest interval.  REPEATO for 3 sets.
1/4 mile cool down jog at Fellowship pace.


  • T-claps to the PAX for putting in 4 – 4.5 miles of good work this AM. These sustained efforts will help with Mud Run, 10-milers and half marathons.  Will also bode well for the Koman 5k in June. Put in your work now for a payoff then.
  • Nice closing prayer by King David.
  • Best of luck to the Mud Run crew this weekend, and for Steroid and Tarp taking on the Rock’n’Roll half marathon on Sunday.
  • No Pullen this weekend due to MudRun
  • Tar Heel 10-miler is on 4/26 – 9 registered for the challenge.