At 415am this morning, our own Cornholio and his M welcomed an 8lb sweet baby Cornholita into the world! Additionally, the loveable and no less adorable Johnny Utah entered the world some 26 years ago today. So this week’s edition of True Grit launched with great revelry and rejoicing!

Then it was time to slice and serve the cake. Here’s the spread from the party platter.


WARMUP – Goodmornings x20 / Windmills x20 / Imperial Walkers x20 / ski abs x20 / Mericans x20

> Run to the bottom of the steep, paved-trail dam hill on the west end

G1 Bear crawl up the hill / G2 Burpees (while you wait) >  flapjack

G1 Gorilla crawl up / G2 Mericans (while you wait) > flapjack

G1 Sprint up / G2 Prisoner squats (while you wait) > flapjack

G1 Bear crawl up / G2 Mericans (while you wait) > flapjack

> Run to the 2.0 Containment Area –> On the way: high-knees / karaoke / buttkickers / speed skaters

G1 Side mogul hops x20 / G2 Low plank  > flapjack

G1 Front mogul hops x20 / G2 Chillcut > flapjack

G1 Jump ups x20 oyo / G2 Putin plank  > flapjack

G1 Jump ups x20 / G2 Sarkoze plank > flapjack

> Run to upper parking lot for:

+ Half-lot/full-lot suicide

= Half-lot Balls to the Walkman / flapjack for 2nd half

+ Half-lot/full-lot suicide

= Half-lot Bear Crawl / run it out

+ Half-lot/full-lot suicide

= Half-lot plank walks / run it out

MARY – Freddy Mercurys x25 / LBCs x25 / low slow flutter x25


  • Mud Run this Saturday, 4/12; bus LEAVING at 330am, bound for F3 domination.
  • F3Raleigh workouts this Saturday 4/12: Catalyst 700am and The Arena 700am (No Pullen)
  • Join the Raleigh Rescue Mission PAX – Wednesdays 530am Moore Sq – Cinderella the site Q


When YHC sought to set a rhythmic, steady cadence for the PAX right from the start, White Shoe generated #mumblechatter along the lines of, “The good Friar’s got his inner metronome going. Listen to that 4/4 time. He’s like daggum John Bohnam out there laying down the beat…Yo-Yo, John Bohnam was a drummer for a band in the 70s called Led Zeppelin.” To which Yo-Yo queried without missing a beat, “Was that some kind of jazz ensemble or something?”

Finishing up, YHC recounted Jesus’ story of the son who leaves his father, goes off and spends his entire inheritance and makes an absolute wreck of his life. But rather than berate his son and come down on him with condemnation for being a complete screw-up, the Father waits at the end of the driveway and throws a party when his son returns home. He celebrates.

In F3, we celebrate Cornholio’s new baby. We celebrate Johnny Utah on his birthday because he’s awesome. But we celebrate EVERY man who comes. Because God our Father loves every man who comes. So we do too.

And that same love compels us to love our wives, our kids and the people around us. Aye.

Ball of Man, and Officer Hightower prayed us out. A good day in the gloom.