YHC finished the Shaggy Challenge 8/26. With a maiden Q out of the way earlier in the month, YHC was ready to take Qing into high gear. Dawn Patrol on 8/28, Juggernaut on 9/12, Urban Jungle this morning etc. YHC woke up 8/27 with knee pain. Not the nagging kind, but the kind where you can barely walk. I pulled out as Q on 8/28 not happy but knowing surely I’ll be back in a few days. A few days have led to a few weeks. No F3? This can’t happen! What am I going to do? Then Recovery Road (Disabled List, Injured Reserve, Lame Duck) showed up thanks to Dice’s leadership. No running!  Yes! I’m all over this!

Dice asked me to Q and I was more than happy to take the lead. F3 needs this type of workout. We need to embrace it and support it. You never know when you’ll be in my position. Look for a dedicated Twitter site and a Q sheet soon.

I wanted to bring something different this morning. Across all the workouts, I never saw tires and sledge hammers being used.  I dropped by Duty Tire and they were happy to give me all the car tires I wanted. “I’ll take 30.” Done. The sledge hammers took a little longer. Each Home Depot only carries 1 or 2 10 lb hammers. This took me an afternoon to collect 10 of them.

The Thang

Warm Up – North Hills Astroturf

  1. SSH x 30
  2. Imperial Walkers x 25
  3. Fazio Arm Circles x 15 Forward & Reverse
  4. Good Mornings x 25
  5. Windmills x 25
  6. Merkins x 20
  7. Mountain Climbers x 15

Tire and Hammer Workout 

Tire Fast Feet x 25

Tire In Outs x 20

Hammer Time x 10 each side (beat tire with 10 lb sledge hammer – 10 with right – 10 with left)

Tire Military Press x 20

Tire Curls x 20

Tire Burpee Press x 10 OYO

Tire Roll x 15

Tire Alternating Flips x 20

SSH x 30

Hammer Time x 10 each side

Tire Bear Crawl Down Parking Lot

Tire Bear Hug Lunge Back

Parking Lot Repeato

Tire Burpee Jump Overs x 10 OYO

Tire Squat Press x 15

Hammer Time x 10 each side

Tire Bear Hug Lunge Down Lot and Back

Bench Dips x 15

Bench Derkins x 15


Tire Bear Hug Lunge Down Back x2

Hammer Time x 10 each side

(not exact – audibled with rough sketch)


LBC to Fail – Quit at 100 (Nice work by all –  5 out of 7 went to 100)

American Hammers x 30 – (try this with a sledge hammer – we did)




2ndF this Thursday Boylan Bridge at 5:30pm – Free Appetizers – check Twitter for details

Standing 2nd F Ridgewood Wine and Beer 5:00pm

3rd F Convergence 9/23 at North Hills Club. 4824 Yadkin Drive. 6:45pm. Reach out to Fazio for details. Food, fellowship and words of wisdom from Howard.

Some mumble chatter on FNG’s first post to injured reserve. FNG Jimmy Houston did attend complete workout 8/12 and bowed out during COT. I can confirm. I was Q. (Rib him anyway)

Prayer Requests

Dice’s 2nd anniversary of his brother’s passing tomorrow. Prayers to him and his family. My mom has late stage Alzheimer’s. Prayers for family and especially my dad as her primary care provider. Prayers to all of the F3 injured. I also asked for prayers for patience: patience at work, patience for my kids, patience for my wife, prayers that my wife would have patience with me, and patience with my injuries. Sometimes I get frustrated when outcomes don’t go according to plan. The question is, who’s plan? God has a plan for us and sometimes it doesn’t align with what we want. Only when I give up control to God, and am confident that He knows what is best for me do I have peace. Easier said than done. I’m trying. Psalms 37:7-9

Azul took us out with great words about patience.


Note – I posted a good video on how to correctly swing a sledge hammer.  I didn’t watch form this morning so no comment. Good to watch if you plan on coming to any of my Qs. They will all use tires and hammers.