We’re going solo this week -man for man- so no partner necessary.  Hit this loop AYG to get your #smokefest in before most people are having their first cup of coffee.

Head down the Capital Area Greenway towards the Bue Loop and veer left toward the amphitheater, stopping ~100 yards before you get there at the Big Grassy Hill (BGH) to your left.

Perform a set of 7s on the BGH with Merkins at the top and burpees at the bottom.  To clarify, run to top -1X merkin, run back down -6X burpees; run to top -2X merkins, run back down -5X burpees; remainder are 3 & 4, 4 & 3, 5 & 2, 6 &1.

After the last burpee @ the bottom, head back the way you came towards the duck pond.  Think of the pond as a watch face and you will enter at:

Run to 6 o’clock (bridge):  20X Jumping Sumo Squats.

Run to 9 o’clock:  20X Carolina Dry Docks.

Run to 12 o’clock:  20X Mountain Climbers (both legs equal 1 cycle)

Run to 3 o’clock:  20X Parker Peters (both legs equal 1 cycle)

Back to the BGH and Repeato entire loop until time is called ~6:10.

We’ll run back to the parking lot for a few minutes of Mary.

Interested to see how many loops the Pax can do -Come and impress us.

The Judge. 5:30 NCMA.