Larry David asked me to fill in for Screech who was recently placed on the DL. Hoping that it would earn me favors with Jessie Spano, I eagerly accepted. Plus, Larry David has a kind/calming/pleasant way about him that makes it impossible to turn him down. I hope the day never comes that he asks me to drive the getaway car for a bank heist that he is organizing because I wouldn’t be able to reject him. Tue and Wed early morning recon at the “Jewel of the F3Raleigh Universe” had me pretty prepared. Until pax started coming. And coming. Yikes … 35. Very large group. I’m going to have to strike a few things and modify others. Disclaimer disclaimed for the benefit of a few new guys and away we go.

The Thang
Warm up
Trot short distance from the JCP north parking lot to northwest deck area. Circle up for:
– SSH x 20 IC
– Imperial Walker x20 IC
– Sir Fazio Arm Circles x20 IC each direction.
– Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Enter deck and find some girder/I-Beam space
– Toe-to-girder (like a toe-to-bar in crossfit world but using a girder is waaaay more bad-ass. Fifty years of rust and rat carcasses make them dangerous and dirty). Anyhoo, you hang on girder, flex core, drive knees/feet up and kick girder) AMRAP OYO 30 seconds
– Frog Plank x10 IC

– Flexed Arm Hang
– Ski Ab x10 IC

– Toe-to-girder AMRAP OYO 30 seconds
– Plank Jack x10 IC

– Flexed Arm Hang
– Frog Plank x10 IC

– Toe-to-girder AMRAP OYO 30 seconds
– Ski Ab x10 IC

– Flexed Arm Hang
– Plank Jack x10 IC

*Apologies for the watch malfunction on all but one of the time sequences…I was pushing the wrong button to start the timer so I think we did more than 30 seconds.

Jog through deck, cross Six Forks under the leadership of Orwell, our jaywalker-extraordinaire, to the CapTrust Bldg at NH East.

2 groups:
– Group 1: Suicide up the ramp (markers at 1/3, 1/3, and top)
– Group 2: Run stairs between the ramp and World of Beer

Here I underestimated the time it would take to run stairs (they never end) as compared to time it takes to run a parking deck suicide…either that or the fellas are just really, really fast on the ramp…you know, from the #BRR training and all. Thanks to Life Alert and Rain Man for barking out a plank-o-rama while waiting for stair climbers.

– Group 1: Bear crawl up to second mark, run back
– Group 2: Run stairs (approx. halfway up this time)
Again, need for Plank-o-rama

Run back to Dartmouth/Six Forks intersection to deck ramp. Stop on the straightaway for a little balls-to-the-wall (2 groups, one on each side of the ramp)
– Walking Balls-to-Wall x5 IC to the right
– Walking Balls-to-Wall x5 IC to the left

Run back to the girders for one more flexed arm hang for the road so my arms would be rendered useless for the rest of the day.

Back to the north parking lot for Mary
– Crab Toe Touches x15 IC
– Heels to Heaven x15 IC
– Freddie Mercury x15 IC

The End

-The Arena is moving to 2:30 pm on Fridays, beginning NEXT Friday (9/26). Sign up online and take a few hours off work
-2nd F Thursday, 9/18 5-7pm, Boylan Bridge Brewpub
-3rd F Dinner 9/23 North Hills Club. Need final count by NOON Friday.
-Steroid ran into Seasoned Salt and he is in awe and very much appreciative of the thoughts/prayers sent his way at the time of the surgery performed on his 2 daughters.

Gnobby lead us out

Thanks, guys it was fun. Thanks for putting up with me.