As YHC strolled into the AO several PAX began a light mumble regarding the previous nights Twitter posts.  And once confirmed that Epoxy did indeed bring the chip spitting implement of destruction, and that no more PAX would be joining us, CW gave what he called a disclaimer and charged all willing to follow.  With no grand plan in mind, as is the MO for YHC, we headed in a swift jog towards the top of the lot and past the pool, stopping in the upper lot past the round gazebo, YHC called for a COP, and that’s where we would begin.

The Thang:

Warm-ups: Good Mornings x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, SSH x 15

Back to the jog, YHC headed up to Pullen road and crossed over and down Dunn.  After thoughts of working some laps through the under track tunnels were nixed due to the heavy campus foot traffic, across the black top and down the hill to the the top of the deck we went.

Still lacking any definite plan, but realizing how well saws and wood go together, we made our way over to the our friends in the corner, that i think several pax had not met, up close and personal yet.  Not wanting to give any indication that they may end up as part of our time on top, YHC called for another COP, Jingle Balls (ask Duff) x 20 & sprint to the next corner for yet another pound of pain, YHC thinks Peter Parker’s x 15, and off to the next for squats x 15, down to the next for erkins and derkins x 10, and back to the start.  YHC would direct the PAX around the top several more time designating a different down painment at each corner, but first we needed to introduce everyone to our friends.

With only 8 PAX and knowing the large one would take more than 4 ,and the small could be done with 2 or 3, YHC called out to the 4 PAX he knew had not taken on this challenge yet, letting the site Q’s and Hush Puppy go for one of the smaller sections.  As the smaller section and it’s barer’s hoisted it to their shoulders and began the loop, YHC and company, hoisted the beast up, called a sholuder, and began a light trot that quickly was down to a slow shuffle.  With YHC in the lead position, the call was made across the deck to the other 3 to stop at the corners and do squats and other exercises in an attempt to level out the tasks in play. Stopping once to switch shoulders, the loop was completed and said friend tossed back into it’s resting position.

Back to the circuits around the 4 corners stopping for multiple pain breaks, most notably for Erie’s perfect form Dan Jansen’s, and a few taken from Cindy, the LBC pyramid by 5’s to 30 and the merkin pyramid to 8.

With time getting short, YHC led the way down and back out to Pullen, where the decision was made to find our way to the walking trail on the Western blvd. side of the park, that happened to be down a rocky washout  that required diligence to stay on ones feet.  Once at the trail, YHC worked through a short palnk session and a round of Makhtar Ndiaye’s x 15.

R&R back to Ashe, taking our last leg via the mini tracks in the park for a quick Mary, Star Gazers x 10 count around the PAX and Hammers x 25.  Done!

NMM: YHC reminded the PAX of an F3 favorite Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”, and how this principal should encourage us through the rest of our days to encourage all who we come into contact with.  Additionally YHC having just started studying the life of Moses at Bible Study Fellowship, reminded the PAX that of all the possible unlikely circumstances , Moses became one of the greatest leaders of the bible.  Think to where God has you now, and let Him put the puzzle together to make you into the man He desires.

2nd F Thursday at Boylan Brew Pub

3rd F at North Hills Club 9/23 HC by Friday on the website

Continued prayers for Hush Puppy and family.

Mr. Rogers led us out in a mighty time with the Big Guy.

The chainsay CW loaned to Orwell was transferred back via Epoxy with no good story to tell or even notice given by many of the PAX at the end of the workout.  He really did bring a chainsaw.