YHC was glad to be back at Dawn Patrol this early morning. It’s probably been over a year. Too long. One by one familiar faces showed up. A PAX of 13 strong. We didn’t go far. We didn’t need to. Time to get to work.

Warm Up

Jog around parking lot

Pass Out Hammers – get a tire
Mosey to basketball court

Good Mornings
Fazio Arm Circles
Imperial Walkers
Swiss Merkins x 16

Jog with tire and hammer back to parking lot

Set #1
Barbarian Squat x 20
Grave diggers Right x 20
Joust Right x 20
Twisted sword draw left to right x 20
Barbarian Squat x 20
Grave diggers Left x 20
Joust Left x 20
Twisted sword draw right to left x 20

Leave tires
Paddle around parking lot with hammer

Set #2
Partner Up

Partner Tire Dips 20
Partner Derkins 15
Partner 1 Tire Lunge to top of parking lot – jog back
Partner 2 Thrusters
Partner 1 Run with tire to top of parking lot – 5 burpee press
Partner 2 hammer flies with both hammers

Leave tires
Paddle around parking lot with hammer

Set #3
360 Right x 20
4&8 Lunges Right x 20 (hammer left shoulder)
360 Left x 20
4&8 Lunges Left x 20 (hammer right shoulder)
Tire Plank Roll x 20
Tire Slams Right x 20 OYO
Tire Slams Left x 20 OYO

Run Around parking lot – Paddle

Set #4
Tire Slam Ladder
2 Slams Right
2 Thrusters
4 Slams Right
4 Thrusters
6 Slams Right
6 Thrusters
8 Slams Right
8 Thrusters
5 Slams Right 5 Slams Left
10 Thrusters

Slow Flutter
Six Inch Leg Hold
American Hammer with hammer x 20 single
Have a Nice Day


Strava Link – Where We Went

09/21/17 – Neighbor 2 Neighbor Breakfast Fundraiser – Thursday September 21 7:00 to 8:30am at the North Raleigh Hilton
Yoda is the Executive Director. They are doing great things. Let’s get a big F3 crowd there! Reach out to me if you’re interested in going.

Neighbor2Neighbor Event Info

My father Charlie has a recurrence of prostate cancer. He started radiation last week. My mom has late stage Alzheimers and in a care facility at the Cypress.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and serve. Aye!