Been a great week getting back into the swing after the new year with lots of EC, 5 packs, Q swaps, etc. Some really strong energy going into 2018 and this morning we had a great mix of #HIM post at Disney.

Started with warmup on the jog around the main field then circled up for a traditional set ICx20 of SSH, ICx10 fazio arms, squats and moroccan night clubs. Topped it off with ICx10 goofballs for a little fun.

Off we went on Indian Run to The Abyss for a quick set on the stairs. We stopped a little more than half way as YHC had not had enough bear crawl this week (several of us referenced how we were still hurting from a killer Nutcracker this week) so we went with 2 rouunds of the plank hold/bear crawl style “Indian Run”.  At the stairs we divided in 2 groups for spacing. Group 1 started at the bottom with 5 squat star jumps while group 2 did 5 star squat jumps up top. Switch from top to bottom and repeat until set of 1. Plank hold at the top with UTI giving us a 10 count. Recover on the  the jog back to start.

Lined up on the playground wall and here’s how it went down. PAX started with dips then merkins. To hold count 1st man on each end in line stepped out and did hammer curls with weight, alternating arms to do 8 each arm for a total 16 count. This made for a fast count so pace was important on the dips and merkins. So we did the 16 count dips while 1st man was on weights, then he handed off to next in line and we did 16 count merkins. Continued down the line until last man was on weights. Worked out our FNG was the center post and gave us a strong count to wrap the set.

Next set was same pattern but replace dips with step ups and merkins with air squats for a leg burnout.

Last set was same pattern but replace dips with derkins and merkins with plank hold.

MARY was plank-o-rama including multiple calls for pickle pounders and a close of LBC ICx30.

Countoff was 13 #HIM, name-o-rama with FNG Chipper (recently moved from Atlanta, baseball fan but not a fan of ATL sports teams)

Announcements: Next week we welcome Hermes and Highlighter to Q Disney and my sources tell me to expect lots of one arm merkins and corny jokes, keep supporting Q swap, look for more info about early March CSAUP, Wrightsville and the BRR in Sep.

Prayer Requests: friends dealing with emotional/physical issues including eating disorders

Crab Legs provided a great message for the PAX, sharing how he has been looking beyond short-term resolutions and really thinking about how he can be a difference maker in the long-term. This was a strong and welcome reminder of what many of us are likely seeking by being part of F3. Each of you know this – set a goal, think about how you can be a difference maker long term, and if you need any support you know all of us have your back.

COT – message focused on supporting swap week and the value of F3 beyond our South Wake PAX.  YHC took us out in prayer.

Looking forward to having the CarPex guys head down to Disney next week to pick up the Q.

EC this morning was 187 on the run – great work.

Final message – we often are asked by others “what is F3?” Last night I went to the BRR info session at a bar in Apex.  I walked in, found a group of a dozen guys I had never met before, sat down and made fast friends. There is something strong to be said about the basic idea of like-mindedness.