A strong and ready Pax of 8 delivered some great work as we worked while the Milk Man made his deliver early on a cold winters day!

Warm Up:

SSHx20, CACx20, Overhead clapx20, Front Clapx20, Good Morning x15, Worlds greatest stretch;

The Thing:

We started out with an Indian run up to Josh Swindell’s (Castaway) house to help him celebrate his 40th birthday.  The sign in the yard said to “Honk your horn” to celebrate with Castaway.  Given that it was 5:50am and we didn’t have horns, we did the next best thing, Monkey Humpers!  Castaway, we gave you a 10 count Monkey Humper salute to celebrate with you!  Happy Birthday!

From there, we made our Indian Run up Yadkin and eventually to the school parking lot for some work:

Right/Left Step Up x 20, Urkin x 20 and Derkin x20, Peoples Chair  and Balls to the Wall for a countdown the line x 10;  Repeat

Partner-up:  Partner 1 runs up sidewalk and around while Partner 2 does merkins; Flapjack;  Next, P1 runs while P2 does LBCs;  Indian Run back to NHP.


LBCx20; 6 inch leg hold for a 10 count around the Pax; American Hammer x 20;  Great work!


The value of prayer is priceless.  Having the honor to pray for others is a joy.  Take the time to pray to our Heavenly Father who knows what you are going through and exactly what you need.  Pray for others and lift them up.

Prayers:  Lifting up High Life’s Mom, Injured Fellow F3 Brothers, Baby Farley’s Father in Law with cancer;  prayers in general.

Thanks to Cotton for taking us out.

Great work men!  It is an honor and joy to post with you!