Catalyst on Saturday, January 6 2018 was cold…12 degrees.  9 PAX didn’t care, slayed the fartsack, swallowed the DRP and got better.  Captain Kangaroo gave a big monkey humper to the temps and posted in shorts.  #BallsOfFrozenSteel that man has.

Here’s what went down…

WARM UP:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Monkey Humpers, short run over to the rocketship First Citizens Bank.  By now, I had started using a 16 count on the exercises which I would explain later.

Partner Up for Stair Barrows.  Partner 1 goes up one side, both partners run down the other side and flapjack.  Squat hold at the top until all PAX finished.

Balls to the Wall – 16 count down the line.  Recover on the jog over to the parking garage for Bank of America building.  Count off.  Catch Me if you Can run.  Odds start running while Evens do 5 hand release merkins and then run to catch the odds.  Flapjack until we get to the top level (7 flights?) with a nice view of downtown and the surrounding buildings.  Some brief Mary before we took the stairs down to level 3 and then bear crawled to level 1.  We exited into the nice lobby of the BoA building and then moseyed over to the ramp incline for the parking garage opposite the Captrust building.

7’s on the incline with Merkins at top and Burpees at the bottom.  Switch to a reverse run up the incline after 4 burpees.

Mosey over to the frozen fountain by World of Beer.  Left-Right Step up burpees x 16.  Dips x 16.  Maybe something else… can’t recall.

Mosey to the bottom of the Captrust parking garage ramp.  Indian Run to the top.  Some mary exercises before heading down the staircase exiting inside the garage, run down through the tunnel leading to the BoA building, circle around to the benches and hold Dirkin until all PAX arrive.  16 Dirkins.

Mosey back to Carroll Middle.  Circle up for Mary.  We finished with 72 LBC’s.

COT / Announcements / Prayers

16 = my daughter Claire’s birthday today

72 = my dad’s age when he passed away last February.

January 6, 2017 was the last time I ever spoke with him before his accident.  I encouraged the PAX to not take life for granted.  Call, visit loved ones while they are still with you.  You just never know.

Mr. Crabs “was volunteered” for closing us out in prayer.

See you in the gloom my brothers.

ManRam – out