EC:  Emeril, 187, CHiPS, Pikachu, Nemo – 2 miles.   Bernie/Banana Seat 6 miles

Vests: Sausage Party and 187

Fartsacks:  1 – Verbal HC

Excuse lexicon addition: “I was exhausted from this weekend.  If you guys must know the truth went at bed at 7:43am and just got out of bed now”

Warm Up:

½ Mile Jog

½ Mile Jog – Cotton Pickers, Imperial Walkers/Hillbillies, Squats, Fazio Arm Circles

The Workout

Jack Webbs

Corner 1: 1 Merkin/3 Hallelujahs, 2 Merkins/6 Hallelujahs, 3 Merkins/9 Hallelujahs

Corner 2: 4 Merkins/12 Hallelujahs, 5 Merkins/15 Hallelujahs, 6 Merkins/18 Hallelujahs

Corner 3: 7 Merkins/21 Hallelujahs, 8 Merkins/24 Hallelujahs, 9 Merkins/27 Hallelujahs

Corner 4: 10 Merkins/30 Hallelujahs, 11 Merkins/33 Hallelujahs, 12 Merkins/36 Hallelujahs

Totals:  78 Merkins, 234 Hallelujahs

Tennis Courts:

30’s – 20 LBC’s run across court 10 Squats, run back across 19 LBC’s, run across court 11 Squats, run back 18 LBC’s, run across court 12 Squats…….

Totals: 155 Squats & 155 LBC’s

Indian Run back to start ½ mile

Sprint’s 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for ½ mile



X20 WWII’s

X20 Pickle Pounders

Total running ~2.8 miles


Thursday evening workouts w/ Lucky (runcentric) 6:30pm @ Bombshell.

Christmas party at M4L’s December 16th.

CSAUP on December 16th

Potential to run 5k with Crablegs day before the ½.

Prayers: Clay – Roger Rogers neighbor, Crab legs, Emeril’s 4 nephews dad passing, UTI’s mentioned a veterans passing from cancer.

CHiPS mentioned his friends son Riley, 7 years old, died from brain cancer.  Keep these families in your prayers

Passage:  Isaiah 26:4 –  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal