YHC is excited about the new PAX leading the group, WE WILL BE HAVING A Q SCHOOL NEXT WEEK! Q school is a great opportunity to learn how to lead the PAX, do proper cadence and instruction of the exercise, timing and concepts of F3 that make it different then a typical workout.  Once you’ve been to the Q school you will feel much more comfortable leading a workout.

The Thang:

Jogging butt kicks, Solider walks, walking knee to chest

Indian run to Timber

Aldi parking lot still in the dark gloom so we did a mosey to the Lowe’s Parking lot, hopefully some of the sad clowns working out next to the fern at Planet Fitness will see us working in the gloom.

4 corners of fun
1st-Bear Crawl to 2nd
2nd- Mountain Climbers (10x in cadence 4 count)
3rd- Squats (15x in cadence 4 count)
4th- Lunges (20x total 1st round OYO and 3nd and 3rd rounds in cadence for PAX practice)

Plank for the six until the whole PAX reaches the next base after all 4 run down sidewalk (.25 miles and back)

Al Gore, Plank-a-rama for the six after the run.

Repeat 4 corners and run 3 rounds.

Catch me if you can back to the Flag, YHC decided not to challenge Labrat again and Blood Sport was a willing partner.  5 Burpees each time the partner catches you.  Cycle back for the six at the end of the run and finish with them.

Great work by the PAX and everybody finished. Total distances of 3.1 to 3.5 miles with some increased work, next week will have more stationary areas to review concepts.  Looking forward to the PAX learning how to lead and being willing to lead. Also good to hear Blood Sport is making the trip from Four Oaks, as many know I am building a home in Benson and hope to spread F3 to the Four Oaks, Dunn, and Benson areas.

BOM: Blood Sport: unspoken  Labrat: Prayers for upcoming travel and brother’s wedding expenses.  Stretch: Prayers for Ben and his recovery still.