30 PAX rolled into the main parking lot of the NC Museum of Art, #bestsiteinraleigh, pre-dawn on a Saturday for the 2nd edition of The Werewolf.  An event so yuge that it was worthy of having two Qs.

A strong mix of both Carpex and Raleigh PAX.  Various perspectives on mumblechatter.  And always great to work out side by side with the men from Healing Transitions.

90 minutes of fun at the home of Whiplash and The Judge.  No better way to start your Saturday.  Believe me, it was tremendous.

Q1 – Michelob:

Warm Up

Jog to the ellipse and circle up for:

  • 20 SSH, IC
  • 20 Mountain Climbers, IC
  • 20 Merkins
  • 15 Imperial Walkers, IC
  • 15 Hillbilles, IC

Thang 1

Jog to the top of the grass hill.  Bear crawl down the hill to the paved greenway at the bottom.  Line up for Esau’s Ladder (Thanks Chip for the reminder of the name)

  • Run up the hill
  • 2 jump squats
  • Run back to bottom of hill
  • 2 hand-release Merkins
  • Repeato, increasing by 2 reps each time until you get to 10
  • Plank hold until all in

Thang 2

  • Mosey over to the wall and partner up
  • Partner 1: Complete a set of:
    • 5 Burpees
    • 10 Spider Man Merkins
    • 20 LBCs
  • Partner 2: Humpty Dumpty Burpees (Thanks Texas Pete for the name idea) – Jump over the wall and back continuously, doing a burpee when you land on either side.  Continue until Partner 1 has completed his set.
  • Flapjack
  • Repeato for a total of 5 sets each
  • People’s chair until all in

Thang 3

  • Mosey over to the kite at top of dirt hill.  Plank hold and chilcut Peter Parkers until all in.  Get with your partner.
  • Partner 1: Run down the dirt hill to the artwork (no time for pull-ups… maybe next time, Hux) and back to the top
  • Partner 2: Run the loop around the dojo
  • When you meet with your partner:
    • 10 Partner hand-shake Merkins
    • 20 WWIIs (bro optional)
  • Flapjack
  • Repeato 1x

Q2 – Denali:

Thang 4

  • Two times around the ellipse – Four man teams doing catch me if you can. Last guy does five hand release Merkins and then sprints to the front of the line. Run from the rings to the ellipse and back. At the rings, do 10 Partner hand-shake Merkins

Thang 5

  • Mosey to amphitheater
  • Trail of tears – Plank on the rail and every man bear crawls under the planking PAX. Everyone goes once through the line
  • Motorboating – In-board and out board times 10 each (in cadence)
  • Bear Crawl the grass field in the amphitheater

Thang 6

  • Mosey to the parking lot
  • Seven rounds with Tyson (that seems like seven too many in my book)
    • Prisoner Squats, Hand release Merkins, LBCs, Sumo Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Freddy Mercury (each leg), Star Jumps, Dying Cockroach

COT – Denali:

YHC has been listening to Jocko Willink’s Podcast and reading his books. They both contain some great leadership concepts. Jocko has several messages but YHC particularly likes two concepts: 1) Discipline equals freedom and 2) every action builds to a future action.

In an interview with the New York Times, Jocko shared his thoughts on how you can transform your life through creating a discipline and sticking to it. He stated, “Basically everything positive in my life has come from discipline… And that is the real message: If you want to transform your life in a positive way, that transformation will not happen by itself. You need to make it happen. You need to do the work. You need to put in the hours, the days, the weeks, the months, and the years. You need to get on the path and stay on the path – the path that leads to the positive transformations, the path that leads to a better you, the path that leads to freedom.

“And that path is the hard path. The relentless path. It is the path of Discipline. And the path of Discipline is the only way. Discipline equals Freedom.”

Having discipline through a work-out (or better coming to F3) has worked in my life to propel several positive aspects in my life and I thank each and every one of you for helping with that Discipline.


  • Haven House event is Wednesday from 4:30 – 7:00. Come support a great organization for the Triangle

Denali took us out.  As usual, it was an honor to lead such a great group of men.