13 of Cary’s Finest met at North Cary Park at the appointed time.   Temp in the low 20s.   Little or no wind.   All of the 13 had attended the Cary F3 Christmas Party last evening.   All were ready for some fun and to work.

Flag planted, boom box tuned to a party station, much beer in a cooler and ruck sack was also available at the site.

No FNG’s so we were off.

Warm Up

  • 2 laps around the pickle.
  • COP with side straddle hops, little baby JJ’s, side straddle hops, merkins, good mornings plank jacks and merkins.  Counts were random.  Plank-a-rama around the circle…5 count.
  • Grab some curb for quick feet


  • Mosey to soccer field
  • 4 Corners
  • Round 1:  Reg Burbees, double merkin burpees, double jump burpees and lunge burpees…5 at each corner
  • Round 2:  Jump Squats, Star Jumps, Jump Tucks, Jump Lunchs….10 at each corner
  • Rohnd 3:  10 regular merkins and LBCs, 15 diamond merkins and hello dolly’s, 20 wide grip merkins and freddy mercs and 25 hand release merkins
  • Mosey to the smurf turf.  Jack Webb Merkins and 4 x arms with a trip around the pickle mid way through
  • Mosey to the courts.  2 rounds of suicides with a peoples chair 10 count down the line mid way
  • Mosey back to the Flag


  • Poor attempt by YHC at Boat/Canoe


  • More than awesome being with you men this am.  Great fun.  Great men.  Did not even feel cold while we worked.
  • Mucho thanks to Rip Tide and Shutty for organizing the event last evening and the fund raiser for Levi.  Good stuff.   Believe we raised over 1,500 for the good cause.
  • Prayers were lifted and Shut In took us out.
  • Post work out chilly ones were enjoyed by a majority of the PAX.
  • Always my pleasure to lead.  You guys make me stronger.