While Principal Vernon’s away, the PAX will play. 7 strong, experienced PAX showed up for Detention but none of them were the Detention Site Qs. Sounds like a good opportunity to leave the site unnoticed. No disclaimer needed, no time for warm up… follow me.

Indian Run out the main entrance, right on Strickland, through the parking lot of the business park on the corner of Falls of Neuse, right on Falls of Neuse and stop at Weathergreen. On the we way found 3 spots that looked really good for 10 burpees OYO. Couldn’t pass those up so we stopped 3 times for a total of 30 burpees.

Set of 11s: Merkins at the top of Weathergreen and Squats at the bottom of the hill.

Indian Run back to school before Vernon returns. Same route as before except we cut through the bus parking lot to the track. Found 3 good spots for 10 burpees OYO on the way back to. That was fortunate.

Stop at the bleachers for Christmas favorites:
Christmas Irkins x20
Christmas Dips x20
Christmas Dirkins x20
Bleachers were too slipper for left right step ups so audibled to Christmas Imperial Walkers x20 IC.

What makes them Christmas Favorites Aflac wanted to know. Because I like Christmas and we’re getting close.

Modified Merkin Clock. Instead of 1 to 12, we went by 2s from 2 – 16. That way we ended with
12-14-16, today’s date. It’s the little things that make me happy.

Bear, crab, karaoke, lunge lap. One lap with method of travel called out by YHC. Changed about every 50 meters.

One more set of Christmas favorites. This time 15 reps each.

Back to the parking lot for nipplers, plank jacks, homer to marge, lbcs and american hammers.

Principal Vernon is due back any minute so we’re out.

Haven House Thursday
Christmas Party Monday

Pink Slip’s co-worker diagnosed with cancer
Aflac’s friend going through a tough time with family
Wall-E and his daughter Olivia

Kotters to Barney Fife who’s been travelling and fartsacking and to Pink Slip who took vacation and then promptly injured his rib on said vacation. Glad to see you both back in the gloom!