8 brave PAX ventured back into the REAL urban jungle… downtown raleigh.

Warm up- SSH 10x, Good mornings 10x,  Mountain Climbers 10x, Imperial Walkers 10x
Jog to parking deck South of new apt project (Sky house)
Run to the top via stairs closest to Blount st, wait- not those stairs, the door was locked…the Wilmington st stairs…and on the way up meet Junkie #1 who remains on the stairs for the duration of the work out- we passed him 4 times – this is a point that needs elaboration because the first time we passed him he was rather quiet and the more we passed him the more he started to hum and mumble gibberish as if either, A: he was reacting to how bad Girdlock & Country Wide smell when he sweats or B: This was his pandering act to ask for money (sorry, no metals on us except YHC weight vest) or worst case C: He was tweaking. Who knows- I favor option A.
at the top – do the  brand spanking new merkin pyramid: 1 merkin -5 count plank – 2 merkins – 5 count plank – 3 merkins – 5 count plank – 4x – etc up to 6x and back down.
Run back down the stairs (past our humming friend)- do the same thing with LBCs up to 11 and back down- (hold head and shoulders off the ground for the 5 counts)
YHC – totally botched the count about 8 times in the process, but since much suck was had- the mumble chatter was kept to a minimum.
Run up the deck (not via stairs) exercises in this order to the top (each exercise can be done for 1/2 a floor – until you reach a ramp) – backwards run, bear crawl, sprint, lunge walk.
First one to reach the top starts the push up max out up to 6 and back down.
Run down the stairs 10 star jumps
Run back up 10 of each merkin (diamond, wide grip, regular)
Mary- 10x LBC, 10s 6″ leg hold around the horn, 10x hello dolly, 10x reverse LBC
For all of you out there wondering- this deck has 9 Levels.
Moleskin: Prayers for Hush Puppy’s family, Orwell’s parents, Jamie’s Cancer, Country wide’s neck and shoulder, and all military vets.
Announcements: 9/11 stair climb is not too far away! we at Moore Square need to be getting ready for all the PAX headed our way!
excellent job this morning from all, especially to Gridlock on his Maiden Q and FNG Tarzan, who endured a brutal workout and was carried by his Silver Skull (with bullet eyes) belt buckel and his love of climbing trees.
Glad to see Jorel from Charlotte- hope we gave you something painful to take home with you to CLT!