July morning temps in the 60s and a dewpoint even lower brought 29 PAX — including 2 FNGs and 2 visitors from the great state south of us — to the latest installment of Urban Jungle.

Warm Up:

Good Morning x 15 (with a gradually slower cadence count)
SSH x 20
Mountain Climber x 15

Stay down for:
CDD x 15
Merkin x 15
Frog Plank x 15

Imperial walker x 15

Partner up based on self-defined running capability.

Run to Whalebone/Vivace, find a spot on wall for 20 jump ups, 20 dips OYO, plank when done.

Run across Six Forks (green lights gods with us) to Carroll Middle School track. Grab one rock per team.

Balance of workout consisted of alternating Partner 1 rock press/Partner 2 leg lifts x 20 followed by partner “catch me if you can”.

Partner #1 does below exercise while Partner #2 runs the track.  Partner 1 completes exercise and sprints to catch Partner 2; Partner 2 does said exercise and catches Partner #1.  It took a few explanations but the PAX finally got it.

Round #1: 5 burpees for 800 Meters (two full laps)
Partner rock press/leg lifts x 20
Round #2: 5 4-count alternating lunges for 800 Meters (two full laps)
Flapjack partner rock press/leg lifts x 20
Round #3: 5 squat jumps for 800 Meters (two full laps)
Partner rock press/leg lifts x 20 and squat hold til all PAX arrive

Time to head back to JCP. Monkey humpers OYO while waiting to cross Six Forks (green light gods definitely not with us).


People’s chair til all PAX arrive, followed by 1 minute balls to wall, ending with 5 balls to wall merkins.


Welcome FNGs Mr. Bean (Tim Horan) and Foghat (Hugh Avera). These men are proof that F3 EH’s (emotional headlocks) can last for a year or more but ultimately pay off!

T-claps to Grim Reaper (Greenville, SC) and The Natural (Charleston) — thanks for joining us and come back anytime.

YHC shared a few words about a particularly thought provoking chapter (5, “The Sifter”) from Dredd and OBT’s book “Freed to Lead”, which talks about the types of friends men have (Work Buddy, Man Date, Legacy Buddy) and how suffering in the gloom together allows us to form “deep and transparent friendships that provide us with accountability.” As I reflect on my 15 months in F3, I’m thankful for an entirely new group of friends and for the handful of you that EH’d me until I finally gave in.  Someone got you involved in F3 — time to pay it forward.

As Maize so eloquently pointed out in a recent email, “Costco has us bowling on August 14” – 2nd F at The Alley on Hillsborough Street.

9/11 – Stair Climb will happen, details will come soon. Likely a 5:30am gathering with a 5:35am start. No other Thursday workouts in Raleigh.
10/4- Mud Run is still open for registration, just a little more cost that’s all. Gnard Dogg is the event Q. There are several teams needing a spot or two.
10/25 – M.U.L.E is on for that Saturday. HC through the link on the announcements page if you plan to attend; we’ll add volume as we get closer.

Lots of new workouts scheduled — check for the latest.

Prayers to the premature baby girl (Ella Bray) born 5 weeks early to Shake n’ Bake’s wife’s sister.  Long road ahead but things look promising.

Rain Man took us out in style with praise and thanksgiving to the eternal Q.