YHC rolled into the parking lot at Action Park for a little pre-workout run with Lipton, Yosef and Bret Michaels.  With 60 degree temps and the Quay as a nice back drop it was a nice precursor to the pain I’d prepared to deliver at 5:45.  When we returned the parking lot was already filling up.  We’ve grown dramatically over the last couple weeks and Southern Wake County is really bringing it in numbers now.  15 Pax including 2 FNGs showed for a little Wednesday beat down…

The Thang.

Warm up- Jog around the park, SSH X30, Imperial Walkers X20, Mtn Climbers X20, Merkins X10, Good Mornings X20

Jog down to the lower field for a Jacob’s Ladder on the Small Hill- Start at 7 Burpees go down to 2 on the last run do 10 Burpees(Mumble Chatter picked up here)

Head over to the Walls(split into two groups)

Group 1- Dips X30 Group 2 Balls to the Wall(Switch), DurkinsX20 and Balls to the wall, Dips X25 Balls to the wall

Run up to the Tennis Courts(grab a Rock first)- Group 1 People’s Chair with Rock Curls Group 2 Suicides on the 4 courts(note Sheriff Woody doubled up because he’s a beast- made Lipton look like he was standing still) Switch Round 2 Rock Press with Suicides

Mary- 6 inch leg hold X30(3 count), WWIIs X30, Mumble Chatter picking up when 6 inch leg hold announced again 6 inch leg hold X25, WWIIs X25, Significant Mumble Chatter, 6 inch leg hold X20 WWIIs X20

COT- Name’o’rama as stated before our group is growing.  Today we welcomed Protractor he’s an Engineer yeah I know not the most creative of names but when there’s a T-Square already out there where else were we to go?  We also welcomed Coach Sheriff.  This name might need some work too, Coach joins us fresh out of Sheriff School like Sheriff Woody.  Welcome gentlemen!  I look forward to seeing you back in the Gloom soon!

YHC shared about how sometimes when work or life gets hard it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important.  It’s easy to forget that we’ve got someone with us on this journey there to help us, to talk to and to pray to.  Don’t forget no matter how bad things get God is with us.  Also don’t forget that these other men who are up in the Gloom with you are here for you too.  If you ever need help Prayerful or otherwise don’t be afraid to ask for it.  This is a brotherhood who’s committed to helping one another.

Howard closed us out in Prayer.

It’s always a pleasure to lead you men.  It’s really awesome to see our group growing as it has over the last month.  I’m excited to see what The Good Lord has in store for us.  I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you back in the Gloom next week!